26 May 2017

Photography for Change Signups now open!

Several students from ESF schools in Hong Kong have organised a photography competition at SIS called Photography for Change. Many of you will remember an email was sent out before Easter inviting everyone in years 7-12 to participate. Any pictures you’ve taken this year that fit the theme of diversity, and encourage people to make a difference is valid for entry!
If you’ve got pictures you’d like to submit, now is the time to send them!  Submissions close on the 1st of June.
Please send any pictures you’ve taken to Eric Hong (hongj4@webmail.sis.edu.hk) or Hugh Hall-Jones (16halljonesht1@webmail.sis.edu.hk). You can also submit a rationale of 150 words to help justify why you took your photos.
For those of you who don’t remember the rules, they are as follows;
  • Your photos should be themed around diversity, and should encourage people to go make a difference!

  • You can submit up to 3 pictures, along with a rationale for why you chose these pictures and how you think they encourage people to go MaD. The word limit for the rationale is 150 words, just to keep things short.

  • Make sure your pictures are appropriate for anyone in years 7 and up!

  • Digital edits aside from small contrast or saturation tweaks are prohibited.

  • Camera techniques like bokeh and depth of field are fine.

  • When you submit your pictures, try to make sure you have a filesize between 1.5-8MB, and large enough to look good on a laptop and be printable on a piece of A3 paper.

Good luck, and may the best photographers win!
Eric and Hugh