Student Health and Safety

Student Health Service

School Safety

Student Health Service

Free Government Health checks are offered to all students. This provides for physical examination, annual health screening such as vision, hearing, weight, height, individual health counselling and health education. Doctor’s check on alternate years. This is particularly helpful not only in monitoring growth and development, but also for picking up other health problems before they might become serious. Leaflets will be available in Term 1.

Medical Room

Medical Room

Our Medical Room is situated on the Lower Ground Floor of the school in the C Block. Jeanette Hui is our qualified nurse. She is in attendance at school from 7.45am to 4.30pm.


To protect your child, we will NOT prescribe/provide any medication to your child. The Nurse is not allowed to administer any medication to a student. If a student is required to take medication during the school day, the completed “Medication Authorization Form” together with the medication should be delivered to the Nurse by an adult. If the Nurse is required to administer prescribed medication, then it should be sent to the school Nurse in a sealed envelope and be accompanied by the doctor’s prescribed dosage and a completed Medication Authorization Form.


Many students visit the nurse in the course of a school day. If the injury is deemed serious, parents will be contacted immediately. When there are minor injuries such as sprain, strain and head injury, the nurse will give students a slip to be handed to parents indicating the time of the visit and the nature of the injury.

First Aid kits in classrooms and for trips

The nurse ensures that First-aid boxes containing basic first-aid kits are located in high risk areas like the sports areas, D & T classrooms, science laboratories and preparation rooms. These are a requirement of the HK Bureau of Manpower and Education. There is a basic bleed bag available in every classroom. In accordance with the ESF Field Trips Policy all external trips will be provided with First Aid Kits for trips.


As a school we are concerned about security and have take a number of measures to reduce risk.

  • There is extensive CCTV coverage across the school.
  • We employ two full time security guards to patrol the site.
  • There is a visitor control system in place
  • All students are provided with a locker in which they can secure their valuables.
  • We have a safe area to store lost articles.


All students will be allocated a locker. We try to make this as close as possible to their form base but this is not always possible. Students are asked to provide a padlock to secure their locker (not of the combination lock kind). Should a student lose their key they may go to the reception to get the bolt cutters: all students must be accompanied by an adult to cut their lock.

Lost Property

All lost property should be sent down to Medical Room where the school nurse manages lost property on behalf of the school. Laptops and other valuable items or wallets should be taken to the General Office. Named items will be returned to their owners. Unnamed items will be kept for a period of time in the lost property cupboard outside the medical room and if not claimed will be disposed of. All lost and found items are logged.

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