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Counselling Services at South Island School

Our school realises that students may face many issues as they grow up be it peer pressure, academic struggles or adapting to a new school. Apart from approaching their Tutors or the Head of House or Learning Family Head, we also encourage students to use counselling service as an additional, confidential support to help them address difficulties that affect their social, emotional or intellectual wellbeing. We believe that students will benefit from counselling after improving their self-awareness and wellbeing. We offer students two qualified social workers who visit the school regularly and an experienced full time onsite school counsellor:

School Social Worker

(from Hong Kong Children & Youth Services  (

Ms. Kamy Yeung

Kamy enjoys working with adolescents and believes that everyone has the strengths to grow up. She also believes that “the problem is not a problem but the coping is.”(from Virginia Satir) and hopes to work together with people to find more choices in their lives. Apart from counselling, she also offers group and programmes such as, Anti-Drug Force Group, Awesome Girls’ Social training group, Greater Good: Mental Wellness project, Zentangle & Mindfulness courses, Mental Health First Aid course for strengthening the growth and development of students. 

Kamy’s room in the school is located on G/F, D Block, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (8:00am to 5:00pm).

Ms. Stephanie Wan

Stephanie is dedicated to serving teenagers and enjoys listening to their life stories. She believes that everyone possesses the expertise to lead their own lives and she hopes to assist students to open up their lives to various possibilities. Apart from counselling, she runs the We Serve Community Service Team and organises different social and developmental programmes like Buddy Up social skills training group at South Island School. 

Stephanie’s room in the school is located on 6/F, D Block on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (8:00am to 5:00pm), Fridays (8:00am to 4:00pm).

School Counsellor
Ms. Julianne Yang

Ms. Julianne is the full-time School Counsellor at SIS. Originally from Norway, Ms. Julianne has lived and worked in Hong Kong for almost a decade. She is a kind and empathetic listener who cares deeply about young people and their concerns. She believes in helping each individual discover their own, unique strengths and develop their coping skills. Prior to becoming a counsellor, she taught humanities subjects at universities in Hong Kong and Europe. She has a Master of Counselling from Monash University, Australia, as well as a Ph.D. in Film Studies.

Ms. Julianne is in school from Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 4:30 pm). 

To schedule an appointment, email Ms. Yang directly or if you prefer, contact your parent(s), your Tutor, Head of House, or Vice-Principal Ms. Lucie Purves.


Counselling Services Schedule For 2021-2022:

What is counselling?

When you come for counselling, you have a chance to talk with a professional in confidence about whatever is going on in your life, whether you have problems regarding home or school, or simply want someone to talk to and seek advice from him/her. We will listen to you in a neutral and non-judgmental manner and help you work through challenges and explore your own strengths and potential clearly. We will respect your values, lifestyle and culture, and will work to help you make your own decisions, so that you feel stronger and more in control of your life.

What counselling can help

Counselling, both individual and group, is helpful for a range of issues, such as:

  •    Identity and Self-image
  •    Self-esteem and Confidence
  •    Bullying
  •    Family problems
  •    Relationship problems
  •    Managing Emotions
  •    Depression and Self-harm
  •    Anxiety or Exam Stress
  •    Study problems (Organization, Time management)
  •    Addictions
  •    Grief and Loss

Coming to see a social worker / counsellor is a positive step in trying to overcome your difficulties. Everyone has problems at points in their life, and sometimes we all need some help in finding our direction again. 


All conversations with you are private and confidential UNLESS you give permission to share with others. The ONLY exception is when there appears to be a serious risk to your own or others’ safety. In these circumstances, we would normally seek to speak to you first before contacting anyone else.

Sometimes it is helpful that we agree to share some information with your parents or teachers in order to get you the support you might need, this is always done with your permission too.

Confidential, trusting relationships are essential to effective counselling. 

How to make an appointment

  • Speak with your Tutor or Head of House/Year or Ms. Lucie Purves (Vice-Principal) who will help you to arrange an appointment
  • Email a school social worker / counsellor directly
  • Call or Drop by the Counsellor’s Office (2240-6703 / 2240-6761) / School Counsellor’s Office (2240-6784) for making an appointment directly
  • Talk to your parents who can help you by doing any of the above (# Parents are welcome to contact the counsellor for consultations or referrals too.)

Commitment to the process

Counselling is a collaborative process for both you and the counsellor. Engaging in the process will definitely help you to move forward though you may find it takes some time to talk openly with the counsellor. It will be important to commit yourself to scheduled appointments and taking responsibility for emailing or texting your counsellor in advance if you are unable to attend any meeting. It will help us re-arrange meetings with other student in need. You may reschedule another appointment.

On occasion, students are mandated to counselling to focus on issues which result in a breach of our school rules or special well-being concerns. Such appointments are usually made in collaboration with Tutors, Heads of Year or House, Individual Needs, Ms. Purves (Vice-Principal) and, on occasion, parents. Students are not referred just because they disrupt lessons and/or expressed anger, but based upon emotional difficulties, mental health issues or for another reason which has the potential to escalate or have an increased negative impact upon emotional wellbeing and learning. Your commitment is vital in the process.

Advice to Parents

If your child is receiving counselling, you can help them by:

  • Respecting their privacy and the confidential nature of counselling
  • Try not to intrude on their experience but let them know you are available if they need to talk
  • Limit your advice and guidance by encouraging your child to express what their feelings, needs and goals are:
  • Praise and encourage their positive manner in seeking help.
  • If your child is not ready for receiving counselling service in school but you as parents feel you need help, you may check the resources from any non-government organizations or private counseling service centres for assistance.
  • We treasure the communication with parents in supporting your child’s overall growth and development. Please feel free to contact our School Social Worker or School Counsellor if your require any help.

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