Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to South Island School, a member of the ESF Family, where our vision is for every student to be the best that they can be!

Our central philosophy at South Island School is Making A Difference. Our students quickly understand that they are all individuals with unique talents and potential. They learn that everyone can grow, given a positive and determined mindset, and can make a real difference to themselves, to others, and to the wider community. Our students and staff come from all over the world, and we celebrate their individual stories and contexts on a daily basis.

Well-Being is at the core of everything we do. At South Island School, staff and students treat each other with great respect. Our guidance systems ensure that all members of our community always feel comfortable, safe and valued. Our teachers ensure that every student develops life-long skills and emotional intelligence, alongside the knowledge and understanding necessary for their chosen areas of specialism.

Learning at SIS is a reflective process of personal growth. Innovative learning takes place on a daily basis, with digital technology used intelligently to enhance the impact of our teaching. We are proud of our classrooms and specialist facilities onsite – and we have always known that learning can happen anywhere, at any time, in any situation. All of our students independently apply their learning on a regular basis, through activities as diverse as leading a special event, playing a musical instrument, representing the school in a sports team, or leading community projects across the world.

As Global Citizens, we all engage with the world around us, embracing international and intercultural diversity. Our students take action to foster a sustainable future, developing long-lasting initiatives that leave a powerful legacy for those who follow after. They become amazing leaders – and with the skills they have developed, they access top class universities and further education institutions across the world, going on to be highly successful in an incredibly diverse range of careers and contexts. They come back to visit us regularly.

Joining South Island School as Principal was one of the best personal decisions I ever made – and if you also choose to join our community, whether as a student, a teacher or a parent, you will quickly realise that you are part of something very special. Please come and visit us soon, so that you can see what we do for yourselves!

Tom Vignoles

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