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The 1400 students at South Island are our most outstanding assets. Made up of young people from 39 different countries, our school is an international, multicultural community that is characterised by excellent relationships between students and staff. Our students are well behaved, incredibly hard working and committed to their own learning. They enjoy their school and their achievements and they live life to the full through their exceptional involvement in a very wide range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities. The students reach high academic levels: the vast majority leave school at 18 with diploma level qualifications and go on to universities, world-wide.

We are committed to providing an all-round education for our students and they respond by excelling in all areas of school life. We are non-selective, although students are required to pass an English test to ensure they can fully access the curriculum. We have a special learning support class for students with moderate to severe learning needs. These students are integrated into mainstream classes wherever possible, sometimes with additional help. There is a small EAL team to further support students requiring additional English language skills.

South Island follows an English language curriculum in an international context. Our students take GCSEs/IGCSEs (90-95% attain 5+A*-Cs) and either the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) or Career- related Programme (CP). Our curriculum from Years 7 to 9 is innovative, international and designed to develop skills and dispositions to support higher levels of study.

Pastorally, we are a school where the happiness and success of every individual is very important to us. Tutor groups are around 17 in size and tutors stay with their groups throughout the school. All teachers are expected to be tutors within a very strong Learning Family and House System. Years 7 & 8 (Bauhinia Learning Family) are the transitional years from Primary and then two parallel Learning families (Bamboo and Banyan) guide learners from Year 9 right through to Year 13.

Professionally, our teachers, who come mainly from English speaking nations around the world, find South Island the most rewarding and engaging post they have experienced. It is a joy to work with such talented young people who have lively enquiring minds and a strong sense of responsibility. It is a challenge to ensure that these students reach their full potential and meet the high expectations of their parents and the local community. Teachers work very hard at South Island both within and far beyond the school day. They are committed to their own learning and they give selflessly to provide enrichment opportunities for our students. They also work for each other and there is a real team spirit at the school where people are supported to achieve their best through induction, professional review and a continued commitment to training. There are regular opportunities for further promotion, both within the School and across the Foundation.

The school provides an excellent learning environment with very good facilities in individual subject areas. We have sophisticated ICT infrastructure, a one to one laptop programme using Apple Macs and a full wireless network. All teachers are all issued with their own laptop.

Not surprisingly, South Island is continuously oversubscribed and there is a high demand for places. Our mission statement is ‘Making a Difference’. The values that underpin this statement enable us to prepare our students to be aware of their place in society and of the responsibilities that they have  – to themselves, to their families, to their community and as global citizens.

As part of the family of ESF, South Island enjoys the benefit of the professional community of a much larger educational organisation. There are 1,000 teachers and 17,000 students in our network and we have significant resource to develop collectively.

The next few years will be exciting in South Island’s development where we have an ambitious learning centred reform agenda. We have an innovative school week structure that includes two hour lessons in many subjects and some collaborative planning time for all teaching teams. We are forging ahead with the personalising learning agenda which includes a focus on concept based learning, assessment for learning and enquiry. The School enjoys a reputation for innovation and risk-taking!

If you are an outstanding practitioner, and you would like the challenge of living and working in a dynamic, vibrant and stimulating community then we would welcome an application from you.

Tom Vignoles

(Information about levels of pay and conditions of service for all ESF teachers can be found on the ESF website.)

South Island School (SIS) opened in 1977, initially as an annex of Island School, before moving to our current site on Nam Fung Road in 1983. Today, SIS is a thriving and highly successful member of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), with over 1400 students covering the full secondary age range from Year 7 to Year 13. In addition to working closely with the ESF, SIS is governed by our School Council and also has a very active PTA.

SIS has recently introduced the IB MYP programme to Years 7-9, with the programme reaching Year 9 for the first time in September 2019. Our Years 10-11 curriculum consists mainly of (I)GCSE courses, with a small number of other courses also offered. In Years 12-13, our students study for the IB Diploma (IBDP) or IB Career-related Programme (IBCP). The vast majority of SIS students successfully achieve their university or further education ambitions, with destinations regularly including top universities in Hong Kong, the UK and the USA, as well as other overseas destinations.

Pastorally, the school is divided into three learning families. Family Bauhinia meets the transition needs of students in Years 7-8 when they transfer to us from their Primary school, and these year-groups have their own dedicated Heads of Year. In Year 9, students transfer to Family Bamboo or Family Banyan and also join one of six houses, which are named Bahay, Casa, Kuca, Maison, Namas and Shtepi. All teachers are tutors, and are actively involved in our Pastoral Learning Curriculum (PLC). Our well-being team also includes school counsellors and a school nurse.

The academic and pastoral curricula are complimented by our Values in Action curriculum, which incorporates a very wide range of extra-curricular activities, events and trips. Our overall aim is to ‘make a difference’ in our own lives, in our community and in the context of global citizenship. Our programme includes the annual Making a Difference Week (MaD Week), when the entire school is released from the regular timetable for one week, in order to undertake a community project or other MaD-related activity.

The leading characteristic of SIS teachers is creative energy. This is a school where it is possible to innovate, to develop and to take risks within the teaching environment, as we seek to prepare our students for their futures, rather than for our own pasts. All students and teachers at SIS have MacBooks and the use of ICT is well developed through our approaches to pedagogy. Staff Development and planning time is strongly embedded within our regular structure, and all members of the community are expected to show a growth mindset on a daily basis.

In summary, SIS is a happy school and a really successful school. We thank you for your interest in joining our team.

Important note

Applicants MUST possess formal teaching qualifications (Bachelor/Master Degree in Education, or Bachelor Degree in any subjects with Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Education, or equivalent). Those who do not have any of the above will NOT be considered.

Current opening:

No current openings

For enquiries, please contact Ms Cecilia Lo at +852 2555 9313 or

To apply

Interested parties must apply via the ESF recruitment system ( Please note that applications through email or any other means will NOT be considered.

  1. Teaching and Learning Responsibilities (TLR) is the additional responsibility and leadership positions taken up by teachers.
  2. Please also read the ESF Teachers Benefit Package for details.
  3. For temporary or part-time positions, please note that applicants must be a permanent Hong Kong resident or possess a valid visa to work in Hong Kong. Applicants should also note that temporary contracts are not supported by the ESF benefit package unless otherwise stated.
  4. Vacancies are advertised as they arise. For post-related enquiries, email us at

Cleaner (Application Deadline: 30 Sept 2020)

Part-time Cleaner (Application Deadline: 30 Sept 2020)

Applicants must be a permanent Hong Kong resident or possess a valid visa to work in Hong Kong. 

Applications must be submitted online through

Step 1: Go to the Registration tab and register. You will then receive an email with an activation link.
Step 2: When your account has been activated, login to the system and click “Job Listing”
Step 3: Check the box next to the job(s) that you wish to apply for and click “Apply & Continue” at the bottom of the page.

ESF is an Equal Opportunities Employer
Personal data provided by job applicants will be used strictly in accordance with the ESF’s Personal Data Policy, a copy of which will be provided immediately upon request.

What we expect of our teachers

South Island School is a happy and creative place of learning. It is busy, sometimes very busy, because the community is full of adults and children who want to learn, want to participate and actively care about their own futures and the futures of others. It is probably possible to find a quieter place to work but it would be hard to find a more stimulating one. We expect the best of our students and so, of course, we want only the very best teachers to lead and challenge them. If you want to join us, these are the things that we will ask you to do….

As a Teacher and a Tutor, we expect you to:

  • commit to our School Philosophy and Values;
  • have the capacity to inspire and motivate students to participate and succeed in their learning and in our community;
  • be committed to our international and multicultural ethos;
  • care passionately about the welfare of young people and colleagues;
  • possess an excellent knowledge of at least one curriculum area and have high expectations;
  • understand and  believe in the principles and practice of inclusion including access for EAL students;
  • be committed to your own personal and professional development;
  • be skilled in teaching through the medium of English;
  • be skilled in applications of Information and Communications Technology;
  • enjoy excellent professional relationships with all colleagues, students and parents;
  • have excellent communication skills.

We also expect that you will:

  • make a significant contribution to the extra-curricular programme of the School;
  • adhere to all of the Policies of the School and of ESF;
  • make a contribution to the development of your Department and the School;
  • comply with all expectations of a teacher’s contractual obligations.

In return, we make a commitment to you and to your professional development to ensure your time with us is professionally rewarding and personally satisfying.

Professional standards governing teachers and those applying for leadership positions are defined in two ESF publications which can be downloaded from the ESF website (see ESF Leadership Capability Framework & ESF Teaching Capability Framework).

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