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Dear Parents and Students,

As a school we place strong emphasis on enriching the curriculum and offering a broader education with off-site and residential experiences, both within Hong Kong and overseas.

These activities change young people. They change attitudes and motivation, relationships within school and provide powerful learning opportunities. Ultimately, we want our students to make a difference to themselves and in the world.

In order to reduce the disruptive impact that these trips can have on the curriculum and on lessons throughout the year, we target these activities as much as possible into one week – our ‘SIS goes MaD’ Week.

The week provides opportunities to bring the school values to life:

  • We work to nurture ourselves, our society and our planet and take personal responsibility for a sustainable future.
  • We approach and engage other people with respect and honesty.
  • We manage ourselves and our learning by developing self awareness, resilience and courage.
  • We explore our world with open minds and compassionate perspectives.
  • We use our initiative and commit to making a difference by being creative, resourceful and reflective.

On the following pages, you will find a diverse programme of activities, each of which has highlighted the specific learning outcomes students will have the opportunity to achieve. Creativity, Action and Service are three of the heartbeats of an IB Diploma School and a community that sets its highest aspiration as “making a difference”. These are some of the richest of life experiences a student can encounter in school – I encourage each and every young person at South Island to seize the opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Vignoles

  1. All students are expected to participate in ‘SIS goes MaD’ activities.
  2. The Head of Family, Heads of House and teachers-in-charge of each activity, will approve the final group lists.  Any student who has a record of poor behaviour may be excluded from certain trips.
  3. The teachers-in-charge of activities will not allow the students to engage in any activity that is not covered under the parameters of the description written on the website without consultation with the school or supporting external organisation.
  4. All groups will be under the supervision and direction of at least one SIS teacher.
  5. All school conduct and discipline codes will be adhered to throughout the activity. In addition, if travelling abroad we expect students to obey the laws of the host country and to be sensitive to the culture of the people. We expect all students to refrain from any involvement with alcohol or drugs.  In some countries, indulging in such activities carries very severe penalties.
  6. Violations of school rules will be reported to the Head of House for follow-up. Consequences of breaking rules are similar to in-school violations of those rules.
  7. The cost of medical insurance is included in the prices quoted in the information for all off-site trips.
  8. For overseas activities,
  • The cost includes airfare, accommodation, meals, airport taxes, and insurance. Costs do not include inoculation fees, physician consultation fees or visa fees. There will be no refunds for overseas trips once bookings have been made.
  • Students are to ensure that their passport has at least 6-month validity and they have valid visa/entry permit to the countries they are travelling to.

9. Although we are committed to an equal opportunity policy, some of the activities are very physically demanding which may mean that some students will need one-to-one support for them to be able to participate. Parents should be aware that this can be provided, but only at additional cost. They may also want to consult with activity leaders about the demand involved.

This week is intended to allow students to enrich their experiences and broaden their horizons and each of the activities speaks to the philosophy above.

The week is usually in mid-October before half term break (subject to final confirmation) and has different activities for different Year groups:

  • Year 7 & 8: MaD Week with a variety of local activities
  • Year 9 – 11: Have a choice of activities based here in Hong Kong
  • Year 12: HE / IBCP / DP Core program to support their IB Diploma
  • Year 13: An opportunity for leadership on Years 9-11 trips, independent CAS activities, or independent study

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