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In Years 7 to 9, students learn through the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) which is a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.

The Year 7 and 8 students are vibrant and important parts of our school as students bring energy and amazing range of skills and abilities as they establish themselves in the school community. We have two primary feeder schools (Bradbury School and Quarry Bay School), but also have many entrants that come from other ESF, non ESF schools or are new to Hong Kong.

We make every effort to assist in the transition process from primary to secondary school with a comprehensive liaison programme to which all students are invited. Through the links with primary teachers we aim for continuity and progression in learning and also self-esteem and confidence of an individual student.

Students in Years 7 and 8 belong to Learning Family Bauhinia and are placed into a tutor group of 16-20 and through our Years 7 and 8 Learning Family. Information transferred from the primary schools is used to support and develop the students learning further in Year 7. To support the students transitioning to South Island and their new learning environment, we provide a strong transition programme in the first 2 years at SIS.

When the students enter Year 9, this support continues through the House System.

IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The MYP curriculum framework comprises of 8 subject groups, providing a broad and balanced education for Years 7 to 9. At SIS, we have included an interdisciplinary learning course (InterD) to support the development of skills such as communication, social interaction, self-management, research and thinking. The Community Project is taught through this particular course.

Information about Middle Years Programme (MYP)

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MYP General Information
MYP Information for Parents
MYP Curriculum
IB Learner Profile

8 Subject Groups of MYP

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Language and Literature (LL)
Language Acquisition (LA)
Individuals and Societies
Arts (Visual & Performing Arts)
Physical and Health Education
+ Interdisciplinary Learning

Years 7 – 9 Time Allocations

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  • Y7-9 Subject Overview

Arts | Chinese | Design | Theatre | EAL | English | French | Global Thinking | InSoc | Maths | Media | Music | PE | Science | Spanish

  • MYP Assessment Criteria

Arts | Design | InSoc | InterD | Language Acquisition | Language & Literature | Maths | PE | Sciences

  • Curriculum Learning Pathways

Languages | English | Maths | Science | Design | Global Thinking & Citizenship | InSoc | Creative Arts | PE

  • MYP Reporting and Assessment

  • Evidencer


In Years 10 and 11, all students study a common curriculum in addition to a range of option choices. The allocation of time is shown below:

Students sit GCSE exams offered by two exam boards: Cambridge Assessment International Education (formerly known as CIE) and Edexcel. Edexcel report IGCSE grades on a scale 9-1, whereas Cambridge Assessment International Education continue to report IGCSE grades on the A*-G scale with which most parents and students will be familiar.

Below is an Information Session video and a short video prepared by Edexcel to explain IGCSE 9-1 Awarding System.

In Year 11 students are guided through the three diploma pathways that we offer in Years 12 and 13 as they begin to make further decisions about choices of subjects to study at this level. Tutors, our Pathways team and subject teachers all are dedicated to helping students to make informed choices.

South Island School aims to have mature, articulate, independent young people who are ready to contribute and make a difference in the society in which they find themselves. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and to be proactive in the community which is evidenced in a portfolio of CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) experiences.

Year 10/11 Curriculum (2024-2026) – A Guide To Year 9 Option Choices


In Years 12 and 13 there are three possible pathways that students can take. There is extensive guidance offered by our Careers Department, Pathways Coordinators, Subject Teachers, Tutors and Heads of House to ensure students are guided into the most suitable pathway that complements their learning style and future aspirations.

Years 12 and 13 is not just about academic study and we aim to nurture and support each student’s interests as they continue to make a difference and develop an internationally minded disposition. We encourage students to become responsible risk takers and leaders and they are expected to take a positive role in the life of the school, such as helping with administration, charity work, clubs, societies and to run many school events. Many students derive great enjoyment form the opportunities presented to develop their talents and confidence.

IB Diploma



The IB Diploma is a broad academic pathway taken by around 83% of students at South Island School. It offers breadth and provides students with the opportunity to study a broad range of academic disciplines, chosen from those shown in the diagram above.

To gain entry to the IB Diploma pathway grades C or better are required in at least five subjects at GCSE, including English, Maths and Science. For some subject combinations, particularly at Higher Level, a grade B or above is strongly recommended and, in some cases, may be a condition of enrolment. Placement in Group 2 is subject to the school’s Langauge Policy which can be found here.

2024-25 IB DP and IB CP Assessment & Guidance Handbook

The SIS Diploma

The SIS Diploma provides a breadth of learning and practical experience. There are no GCSE requirements. The progression for these students is meant to be towards further learning, work experience and preparation for fully enhanced adult living.

IB Career-related Programme

The IB CP is a programme of international, career-related education founded on the IB mission and philosophy for 16-19 year olds.

The IB CP provides a flexible framework of education which blends “academic” and “career-related” learning. From the start of the 2017 academic year (pending authorisation) students at South Island School will be able to opt to pursue BTEC courses and IB Courses (as found in the IB DP). In addition they will complete four core components of the IB CP. These are a reflective project, service learning, language development and the personal and professional skills course.

For more information about the IBCP at South Island School, please visit the website:


Year 12/13 Curriculum (2024-2026)

Year 12/13 Curriculum (2023-2025)

Year 11 Options Evening Presentation 2023

Year 12 & 13 IB Textbook List


Year 8 going to Year 9

There are a total of 4 resources below to guide you through the process.

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(2) Options Information Languages 2023

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(4) Options Form Completion Guide 2023

Year 9 going to Years 10-11

There is a range of resources to guide you through the options process.

(1) Year 10/11 Curriculum (2024-2026) – A Guide To Year 9 Option Choices

(2) Year 9 Options Info Night (Video) :

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Year 11 going into Year 12-13

There are a total of 7 informative content below to guide your through the process.

(1) Year 11 Options Information – Senior School Experience Video

(2) Year 11 Options Information – Senior School Experience Presentation

(3) Year 11 Options Information Evening Presentation

(4) Year 11 Pathways and Higher Education 2020 Overview

(5) Year 12/13 Curriculum (2024-2026)

(6) IB Programmes – Passing conditions

(7) Post-16 Admissions Policy

Congratulations to our IB Graduates! South Island School 2024 IB Results are now available! Please find themHERE
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