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South Island has a commitment to getting all students active. In addition to the Physical Education programme, there is a wide range of sports offered in the extracurricular programme including athletics, swimming, cross-country, basketball, football, rugby, netball, badminton, tennis, hockey, squash, dragon boating and much, much more.

The sports facilities are extensive and impressive. There is an indoor 25m heated swimming pool, sports hall, floodlit astroturf, fitness and weight training area, climbing wall, two outside basketball/tennis courts and an indoor gymnastics and trampolining area. To facilitate sports such as rugby, football and hockey training sessions are conducted off-site at the Aberdeen and Happy Valley pitches.

SIS has a very strong reputation for sporting success and our students achieve personal and team success both within and outside of school. Students represent their House, the School and Hong Kong SAR in a variety of sports. We have consistently placed in the Top 10 in the Bauhinia Bowl for all Co-Ed Secondary Schools (6th place in 2015-16) which is our highest place in recent years and is the combination of winning success across all sports in Hong Kong.

We strive to get as many students as possible involved, active and competitive in a sport at whatever level is appropriate to the individual.

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Here at South Island School, we offer a huge extracurricular activities programme. These activities range from sports coaching to debating, from environmental work to creating the news. Our dedicated team of teachers and coaches ensure that the clubs are well structured and fun for all. We view our after school activities programme as an extension of our curriculum, offering students the opportunity to become involved in or develop existing skills outside of the classroom environment. We encourage students to try something new and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. It’s also a great opportunity for them to get to know their peers and teachers in a more informal setting.

  • Full list of Term 1 Activities can be found HERE

How to Enrol

At the beginning of each term, students will be notified by the Activities Administrator to browse the Activities Website. Generally, the sign-up period will be communicated to students one week prior to the start of the activities period for the term. The students will have a choice of up to four activities. Due to limited spaces available for each activity, we may not be able to fulfil all student choices. To ensure fairness, we implement a computer generated random allocation based on the four choices made by the students. Once the allocation has been made, students will receive a system Email to notify them of their allocations. If the student has any questions or queries, please contact the Activities Administrator at Please note that the Parent Consent Form must be signed in order for your child to participate in lower-risk and medium-risk activities. This Parent Consent Form is part of the new-comer pack (Year 7s and new students), once signed it is valid throughout the student’s education career with South Island School. If your child has been allocated to a high-risk activity, parents will receive an Approval Email that will require action. Please note that without the parent/guardian agreement of participation, the student will NOT be permitted to participate in their allocated activity.

*High-Risk Activities: Archery, Athletics (including track and field), Biathlon, Horse Riding, Martial Arts, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Wall Climbing, Water Polo, Water Sports

Indemnity Form – Rowing
Indemnity Form – Sailing
VLE Help Sheet: How to sign-up for Activities?

Additional Fees

For activities incurring an additional fee, please arrange payment by cheque only, one cheque PER activity. Please make all cheques payable to “South Island School” with activity and student’s name at the back of each cheque and submit to the GENERAL OFFICE on or before the deadline (usually within three days of the registration closing – Keep an eye on the bulletin board for information). If the correct details are not on the cheque or payment has not been made, the student may be removed from the activity without notice. This is due to large waiting lists for activities. Please note, NO INVOICE WILL BE SENT TO PARENTS.

Latest Sports Fixture Dates and Information

These can be viewed directly from the league websites:

Important Point to Note

1. After School Activities Buses (Bus Pass Holders ONLY)

Activities return buses from venues will be provided in the following circumstances (Mondays to Friday only):
I. Location:
– Kowloon and NT;
– All country parks on HK Island;
– Where transportation is difficult, in the view of the School:

  • Tai Tam
  • Hong Kong International School
  • Stanley
  • Sandy Bay
  • Lei Yu Mun Resort Playground

II. Years Group:
– Wherever this is practically possible to arrange, all activities involving students from Years 7 – 9
Please Note: No transport (either one way or return) can be provided for fixtures in Kowloon or NT side during weekends.

For more information regarding the activity bus schedule, click HERE

2. For all students allocated to high-risk activities, a Consent Form email will be sent to parents/guardians for approval. If approval is not made, the student will not be allowed to participate in the activity.

High-risk activities include:
Archery, Athletics (running, jumping, throwing), Biathlon, Horse Riding, Martial Arts, Rowing, Sailing, Rugby, Water Polo, Swimming and Wall Climbing

3. No refund will be given for withdrawal from or transfer to a different activity or for cancellation of an activity by the school due to bad weather.

Within the House system at SIS, two Families are split down into 3 Houses each. Below is a table that shows how the Houses are split with the Heads of House.

House captains are selected from Year 12 following an application and interview process and are heavily involved with the house system with organising and running events.






C. To

J. Chan G. Corners G. Mackintosh N. Webster

L. O’Sullivan













Mr. Jamie Atkinson coordinates the Interhouse Events and liaises with the Year 12 student House Captains to ensure that a full programme runs smoothly throughout the year. The Houses are an integral part of the school life and we want all students to support the programme by either taking part or cheering on their peers. We offer a very varied selection of activities to enable all students to contribute.

There are several whole school events – Cross Country and Musicfest (Term 1), Athletics (Term 2) and Swim Gala (Term 3). There is also a myriad of other events that run throughout the year – various sports competitions are held every Friday afternoon and these are complemented by other events such as SIS Chef, maths challenges, quizzes, language competitions, and many student-led initiatives that help engage all of our student population with their houses

Term 1 IH schedule 2023-24

More information on Inter-house



IMG_1429 IMG_1887 IMG_2669Introduction

The Hong Kong Award for Young people is offered to students from Year 10 upwards and like its predecessor, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, is part of the International Youth Award. On joining HKAYP students become part of the enormous number of young people all over the world that are participating in similar activities. As such any achievement at, Bronze, Silver or Gold level is recognised worldwide.

Through participating in HKAYP students are encouraged to face the challenge of worthwhile leisure activities and voluntary service through which they can discover their hidden abilities and gain a special sense of satisfaction and achievement by overcoming a challenge. They are encouraged to develop their physical activities and to foster a spirit of adventure and discovery through expeditions.

Students in Year 10 can join HKAYP as part of the Personal Project Programme, and many complete their Bronze Award by the middle of Year 11. For many students, the expedition section is the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding parts, as the prospect of camping in tents along with completing a 20km hike is a daunting prospect.

A quote from a recent student:

‘My legs started to drag behind, and although I knew the trek was not going to be easy, this was far from my expectation. We arrived at camp drenched, exhausted and hungry. But I truly believe that it (the expedition) was one of the most enjoyable times I have ever encountered during my school activities. Only after I went on expeditions did I truly understand the meaning of ‘lessons outside the classroom’. I learnt a lot about myself and my friendships. Not only did the expeditions help us to grow in person, they left uneraseable memories.’

For many students, the service section is the most challenging, as they are required to reach out into the community. However the personal development that results in enable the students to become more aware of the needs of others less fortunate than themselves, it develops organisational skills and the ability to deal with situations in which they feel uncomfortable with. It also compliments the school’s philosophy and values of “Making a Difference”.

Silver is offered to those students who have completed Bronze with the assessment expedition taking place in the Spring term of Year 12. Successful students may then progress on to their Gold Award with the final assessment exploration taking place in Sichuan, China. Depending on space some students may be able to enter the Silver award Directly in Year 12.

Student Quote

“Over the course of one year of HKAYP I realised that fun wasn’t to sit around and play games with my friends, fun was to achieve something and relish in the accomplishment. Relaxation wasn’t to sit at home and watch TV, it was to look back down from the top of the hill, grinning at the thought that I first thought I couldn’t get up here.” Year 11 student

The HKAYP award in school relies on the hard work and commitment of a large team of teachers who volunteer their time and expertise on the camps and who greatly enjoy working with the young people. The scheme leader is Tim Oliver. Please email him at if you have any queries regarding the scheme.

Visit this Facebook link to view 2018-19 HKAYP photos.

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