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The Sustainability Council (SusCo) is South Island’s dedicated environmental awareness group that has been running for years – it is committed to taking steps that drastically alter our school’s dependence on non-renewable energy and things damaging to the environment. The group is made up of students from a range of years that all lead projects they are passionate about, enabling them to make a difference both inside and out of the school.

Throughout its existence, the Sustainability Council (SusCo) has undertaken a multitude of projects.

A list of current/past projects the Sustainability Council (SusCo) has collaborated on:

Textbook Marketplace

In 2022 we successfully launched the schools first textbook marketplace where students are able to buy and sell second hand textbooks within the South Island School community. There is always a demand for this and by contributing to this economical and environmental sustainability project we have been able to support students academically as well as reduce the demand on resources that go into the production of books. 

Nature Works Hong Kong Programme 

In 2021 a core group of senior school students was involved in the NatureWorks programme. They were highly successful in their research and proposal and were recipients of $10,000 which will contribute to a pilot scheme of using and replacing traditional whiteboard markers with the sustainable ‘Woody Stabbilo’ markers.

Sustainability Audit

Earlier in the year SusCo collaborated with the CKP, corporate advisors, in order to gain a genuine understanding of the school’s environmental impact. This looked at a variety of areas including energy and waste so that we could identify areas to focus on moving forward into the next academic year. This was a part of an ESF wide scheme which will enable us to compare and learn from other schools within our wider community.

Sustainability within the Curriculum

SusCo has spent the academic year collaborating with Heads of Department to audit the level of sustainability content within their syllabus, we hope to use this to promote a greater integration of sustainability within and across all departments so that it becomes increasingly embedded in the school ethos and values.

Entrak System

Monitors electricity consumption by the school every day and displays this near the reception and on our VLE homepage so that all students can be reminded of this information.  Negotiated by the ESF Environmental Council and implemented in every school, it sends a strong message about the wasteful usage within the school as it can track consumption down to every classroom. We hope to be able to use Entrak to build further awareness within the school about our energy consumption and how we can reduce this.

Recycling Bins

The Sustainability Council (SusCo) helped the school to purchase and install recycling bins in every classroom as well as every common area of the school – this has not only increased the amount of waste recycled, thereby making us a greener school, but also reminds the students of our duty to planet.

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