Learning Model

Our values and philosophy statements, the ESF Teaching Capability Framework, and our own strategic thinking have driven the development the South Island School Learning Model, defining our approaches to learning and driving our staff professional development.

The SIS Learning Model has four levels that build upon one another: Foundation, Pedagogy, Approaches to Learning, and Student Experience. 


The outer ring is our foundation, showing that everything we do is rooted in our philosophy and values, our mission, and the overall priorities of ESF.


The next ring describes the underpinning pedagogy that our staff draw upon when preparing learning experiences for our students. By using various methods, our students will enjoy a more comprehensive experience in the classroom and develop holistically beyond just their academics. 

Approaches to Learning

Built onto pedagogy are our approaches to learning (ATLs), which enable students to be successful learners. Learning is a developmental process that changes our thinking and behaviours, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent learning. At South Island, we have developed ‘student friendly’ language that we use to describe our aspirations for learning and the way in which students work towards developing academic success and a portfolio of achievement in their Service Learning Outcomes.

Student Experience

Finally, at the centre of the model, the student experience. The student experience is the realisation of the previous levels and it references, reinforces and draws upon the preceding three rings.  It is the school’s intent that everything that happens in the classroom is driven by our foundation, our pedagogy and our approach. 

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