Student Council

The South Island School Student Council is the main body for student voice at SIS. It aims to ensure all students have a means of expressing their viewpoints regarding student life and the school’s running.

All Tutor Groups have a Tutor Representative who attends House Council Meetings, where they discuss raised issues on a more focused and intimate platform. This representative is chosen by his or her peers, and is also charged with facilitating discussion in his or her tutor group in response to recent developments.

Moreover, 3 representatives from each house and 4 representatives from Bauhinia Family are also chosen to sit on Student Council for a year. In addition to a representative from the Making a Difference (MaD) Council, a representative from the School Newspaper and the two Chairs, Adam Zoen and Ciara Hablützel, this totals to a council of 26 members.

Student Council has an active role in many facets of the school’s running, such as: catering, uniform, facilities, staff appointment, charity initiatives and the allocation of funds to student projects.

To facilitate efficient turnaround times on issues that are brought to their attention, the Student Council is divided into various subcommittees, some of which liaise directly with members of the school administration. A post that summarises each meeting is released every following Monday by Theodore Chan and the Publicity Subcommittee on the Student Council Blog, which is available here.

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