5 May 2022

Community Projects

The Year 9 students have started The Community Project this term at SIS. It is the celebration and culmination of their learning and skills across a range of MYP subjects and is a required part of the IB MYP course.   It is also an initial step for our students to develop their understanding of service learning and the impact they can make within a community.

Students will need to apply their skills and knowledge to research and investigate a community issue, take action as a team and share their findings with others. The Year 9 students have chosen projects that are based on personal interests and goals.

Goals include:

  • raising awareness
  • participating actively
  • informing others
  • creating or innovating
  • changing behaviours 
  • advocating for the rights of others

Please follow the SIS Community Project instagram HERE to support the Year 9 students and their goals.

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