School Development Plan

School Development Planning Cycle

As a School Community we plan strategically for a broad, medium-term, aspirational future (South Island 2020) and we write an annual School Development Plan (SDP), which creates steps towards achieving those longer-term outcomes. Within the annual plan are milestones that allow us to assess our progress. South Island 2020 and the SDP are both reviewed annually by the School Council.

Our planning seeks to align our philosophy and our values with our actions and we plan under seven strands to ensure that we cover all aspects of our development as a school. We also pay attention to recommendations from ESF and external accreditation (IBO review took place in 2012 and CIS/WASC review was in 2015) or audit bodies as we develop our strategy. Once the SDP is produced, learning areas are asked to plan their own actions, in line with school strategy. Departmental Development Plans (DDP) become the programmes of action for our learning teams throughout the year and the focus for Performance Management discussions. All performance targets at school, department and individual level are subject to mid-year progress reviews.

Performance Management targets are expected to derive from the strategic and operational planning process and may be revised after examination reviews are completed (see below).

Development planning is based on five simple questions.

  • What do we want/need to achieve?
  • What steps must we take to self-improve or implement recommendations?
  • Who will take lead responsibility?
  • When will the actions be completed and what will they cost in time or money?
  • How will we know if we have been successful?

The Principal, Vice Principals, Heads of House/Family and curriculum leaders have a key role in leading, supporting and monitoring whole school team development plans.

School Development Plan 

Annual Report