Values in Action

Values in Action

Making a Difference

Values in Action’ (ViA) is the third strand of our unique South Island Curriculum offer.

ViA is the term we use for all the out-of-class opportunities for students that help them to become more rounded and engaged individuals. The Third Curriculum is where students put our school values into action and become active members of our school, our community and the world around them. It is their chance to ‘Make a Difference’.

The opportunities open to students are numerous and vary every year and every term. Our extra curricular programme offers both sporting and non-sporting activities; our Drama and Music programmes offer opportunities for students to develop creativity and public performance. All programmes allow students to take on leadership roles, often working with younger students to develop skills.

Students play a significant role in the ongoing evolution of our ViA offer. Our student MaD Council determines the charity and service activities that we want our students to support. Our MaD Week Programme offers outstanding experiences and the opportunity for deep reflection to our students. Each trip must pass the MaD Council’s MaD Filter to determine its appropriate contribution to our School values. The six Houses in school all support charity and community improvement programmes.

The Student Council also have an active voice in deciding events that are organised in school.

HKAYP, our outward bound programme, is offered at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and develops invaluable skills such as team work, social interaction, leadership and resilience.

Through our Prefect system we offer vertical tutoring and leadership skills to support younger students. Our Bauhinia Prefects run activities for Year 7 and 8 as well as supporting new students when they join the school.

Students who commit wholeheartedly to this programme (and nearly all do) change themselves and gain the qualities that are unique to a South Island Student.

South Island students are composed, articulate, aware, compassionate and confident. They know that their opinions matter and they raise our expectations year on year. Our senior Diploma students run a number of whole school events every year. These include the celebration of Diwali; celebrating our internationalism at our festival of dance and song at the International Evening; recognizing the voices of our students in our TEDx TSIS conference; creating and designing at The Innovation; and tapping into the knowledge of our own wider community in our Careers Conference. Teams plan, audition and work together to ensure the success of each event.

What is Making a Difference?
We aim to develop an awareness and compassionate mindset in our students and school community. We aim to change ourselves, other peoples’ lives, and the environment for the better. This begins with the school community, and widens to include the local and global community.

Why Make a Difference at SIS?
We believe it is an important aspect of learning that should permeate all areas of the school community. It is our responsibility as members of society to raise social awareness and to demonstrate this in all aspects of our work.

To build that culture there needs to be a coordinated approach to meet the demands of our large and diverse community.

These demands include:

  • the students’ wishes to help others all the time
  • authentic learning curriculum initiatives
  • external requests from those seeking help
  • the requirement of the International Baccalaureate programme

Our aim is that students act with compassion and integrity, doing the right thing, even when no one is watching them.



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