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We currently support two Mac OS in the School. For all 2022 purchased laptops, the standard OS is Mac OS 12.3 Monterey; and all older laptops will continue to use Mac OS 10.16.

Adobe CC Education License Annual Subscription

South Island School Laptop Programme


Adobe Creative Cloud Education License Annual Subscription (2022-23)

South Island School is offering our students the Adobe Creative Cloud annual subscription license at a very special education discount. The application is compulsory for Years 7-9 (which is included in the start of year fee) and optional for Years 10 – 13 students for their coursework. Other students can also enjoy the special rate by purchasing through the school online platform here: SIS Online Shop

This license is exclusive for SIS students only and the subscription will be invalid when the student leaves school and no pro-rata refund will be available.

In addition, this license is targeted for MacOS, and technical support will only be provided to computers with MacOS, not to Windows, Linux, or other operating systems. The license will automatically expire at the end of the school year, with the current license automatically expiring on June 2023.

South Island School Laptop Programme

South Island School (SIS) is committed to 1:1 laptop initiative enhancing and expanding the learning opportunities for all students. SIS opted for Apple computers after careful analysis of a variety of computing products, services and pedagogical needs. The School ICT infrastructure and e-resources are set up for the Mac platform.

All students at SIS must have a MacBook Air (recommended for Years 7 to 9) or MacBook Pro Laptop. MacBook is an essential piece of equipment for day-to-day learning and communications in school. The ICT Centre cannot provide support to other brand-name laptops except MacBook.

Please note that only Macbooks purchased through the school online order platform will be supported by the Apple service counter at school.

To help you with the laptop programme, the order process, and options available to you, please come back to this page for updated information.

Zurich Insurance (Optional)

If you have questions about a new or existing policy, please call: 2903-9300 or email: enquiry@hk.zurich.com

Regretfully accidents happen. No matter how careful you plan, there is always the chance that something will happen. In recognition of this possibility, South Island School has partnered with Zurich Insurance to provide low-cost accidental damage and loss insurance coverage.

Order forms for Zurich Insurance are provided when the laptop is collected by the student/parent. Insurance orders require the laptop serial number to be submitted on the application form; this number cannot be provided before the laptop is delivered.

If you wish to purchase this insurance, it must be done within 3 weeks after the laptop is being collected by the student/parent.

Insurance for the laptop is renewable yearly (by an individual invitation letter from Zurich prior to the policy expiry). Zurich reserves the right to decline any renewal based on business consideration.  For laptop insurance matters, please quote your policy number and contact:

Hotline: 2968-2288
Email: enquiry@hk.zurich.com

Laptop Induction 2019 Presentation:

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