About ESF App

Over the last year, South Island School has been working with ESF head office to deliver a user-friendly mobile platform for our parents that improves the efficiency and the centralization of communication. However with the opportunity for all parents to now access the same discount as the other years, the ESF App is just as important at this moment in time for you. Therefore please follow the instructions to download the App.

 Additionally, we further believe that parents would have a better understanding of the school and your child’s interaction with the school if they had additional access to important information through a user-friendly and mobile platform. Therefore we are rolling out a new app called the ‘ESF App’ to do just that. 

This improved communication will house several different communication streams in one location. For instance, the app will consist of the following:

  • A messaging app that will allow ESF head office to send a central communication to all ESF schools at once with notifications. Likewise, SIS will also be able to send a central communication to all SIS parents in the same manner
  • A diary that will display whole school events and your child’s specific events
  • A whole school directory as well as a specific list of your child’s teachers and their contact information
  • A quick messaging link when your child is absent
  • A means to view and update your child’s medical and student demographic information
  • Our official SIS Facebook page

In addition, the new ESF APP will provide further functionality and important information such as:

  • A new e-payment system to pay for school charges such as exams fees, activities & trips fees (this will not include school tuition fees)
  • Your child’s timetable
  • Your child’s eportfolio (Evidencer)
  • Your child’s confirmed school activities and MaD Week trip
  • The unit planners for subjects (currently in year 7 & 8 only but to be expanded to other years)
  • The Independent Learning Module (in year 7 & 8 only)
  • A quick link to the iSAMS App which will continue to run parallel to the ESF APP 

The iSAMS App and the ESF App will complement each other as they have different purposes and functionality. For instance, iSAMS continues to publish the PCCs, exam schedules, attendance and positive comments but it is unable to do the majority of what is listed above.

Please see the user’s guide in the link below that will provide helpful guidance on the new ESF App.

ESF App Parent Handbook

This is a lot of information at once and we appreciate that your time is precious, so please explore all the different modules at your own pace. We look to move all the Independent Learning notifications from email to the App before the end of term so please keep an eye out for these.

*Important Note: Please remember to “Allow” the Notification Setting when you unlock the app.

We hope you enjoy this new level of communication, accessibility and functionality. We would also appreciate your feedback in making the ESF App even better. Please see the link below to our feedback form.

ESF App Feedback From

If you require any technical support, please contact Muriel Kyu (