Grouping and Class Size

Years 7-9

Average class sizes are 24.

In most subjects students are taught in groups that comprise of students from three tutor groups with a mixture of abilities, gender and nationalities.

In Chinese the students are placed in smaller groups according to the three language pathway (First language, second language and foreign)

In Maths students are also placed into one of three pathways (Higher level, standard level and studies).

PE is taught in mixed groups.

Years 10 and 11

Students are grouped according to their option choices (usually in slightly smaller groups than Years 7-9 depending on subject choices). Students are grouped in Chinese, Maths, Science and PE according to their current levels of attainment and commitment.

Years 12 and 13

Students are grouped according to their option choices whether this be the IB Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Classes vary from 7 to 18 in size depending on the subject. The senior students have TOK, Assemblies, CAS and Higher Education sessions as well as Sport and Leisure together as a year group.

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