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As a school, we are committed to working in partnership with parents in order to achieve the very best education possible.

Parents support us in a number of ways:

First and foremost, we ask parents to take an active interest and involvement in their children’s work at school and their progress. This will include monitoring and supporting their work at home, signing their homework planner and encouraging them to take full advantage of the wide range of opportunities on offer at school. We hold parent consultation meetings once a year at which we like to see all parents and there are other information evenings during the year to keep parents informed about various aspects of school life. We also expect parents to contact us should they have any worries or concerns about any aspect of their children’s education or progress.

We strongly encourage all parents to be involved with the PTA and to support its social, educational and fund raising activities.


Chair FUNG Karla
Vice Chair MONCES Elvira G
Treasurer YANG Annie
Parent Rep DSOUZA Preethi
Parent Rep GUSAIN Shilpa
Parent Rep LEE Chris
Parent Rep LU Matthew
Parent Rep NG Survin
Parent Rep PO Elsa
Parent Rep WANG Teresa
Principal VIGNOLES Tom
Teacher Rep SLETHAUG Darin
Teacher Rep MACKINTOSH Gemma
Teacher Rep OLIVER Tim


Business and General Manager YU Lydia
PTA Administrator CHIN Lee Chan
PTA Shop Administrator YUEN Vivian


In accordance with the ESF Ordinance, membership of the PTA is compulsory and is set at HK$600 per family.
Please Note : The PTA Membership Fee is included in the “Start of Year Charges” invoice which you will received in August for the new school year.
Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”)
To view a copy of the “PICS”, please click here

The school in partnership with the PTA runs a parent volunteer scheme and large numbers of parents help out in many areas of school life. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to register.

List of PTA Services (click here)

The SIS PTA invites you to participate in an exciting project designed to allow you to pay lasting tribute to a student by placing a newly purchased book and bookplate in the school library collection. We invite you to donate a book for academic honours, birthday, graduation or any other events that are special to you. Our librarian will purchase a book(s) and a bookplate with your child’s name placed in the front. Your child’s name will also be displayed on the Honour with Books Programme TV outside the library for all to see.

You can also click HERE to view your donated books by entering the honouree’s name in the “search box”.

Honour with Books order forms can be downloaded here or obtained from the PTA office in the school foyer.

For further information, please email Lee-Chan Chin, our PTA Administrator at pta@sis.edu.hk or sispta@netvigator.com

PTA Office (School Bus)
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday (8:30 am – 4 pm), Friday (8:30 am – 2 pm)
Telephone: 2240 6773 or 2554 6622
Email: pta@sis.edu.hk

PTA SHOP (Uniform and Stationery)
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday (8:00 am – 3:30 pm), Friday (8:00 am – 1:30 pm)
Telephone: 2240 6737
Email: uniformshop@sis.edu.hk