26 May 2017

Making a Difference

Having a clear out over the summer?

We are excited to announce that after the summer break, South Island School will be taking the initiative to donate second-hand electronics to NGOs that support underprivileged children in Hong Kong and abroad (including Crossroads, HK Family Welfare Society and HK Children & Youth Services).

This will reduce computer dumping and wastage and also provide more opportunities for underprivileged children, thereby narrowing the impact of the Digital Divide.

At the start of next term, we will be collecting laptops, computers, accessories and other electronics. Please make sure ALL personal data is cleared from electronics before donation.

We would be happy to receive your second hand electronics in August, but please email Mrs. Crouch (fcrouch@sis.edu.hk) if you are leaving Hong Kong and would like to donate before the summer break.