26 May 2017

Year 10 PCCs

Year 10 parents will be aware that some IGCSE subjects are moving to a new grading system next year – from the current A*-G to a 9-1 scale. The first subjects at SIS which will report in the new 9-1 scale are Art and Design, and these new gradings will appear in the upcoming Year 10 PCC. Please see below for a brief explanation of the correlation between old and new grades in Art and Design subjects. Your child’s subject teacher will be able to give more detailed feedback about their attainment in the mock exams at the student led Conference on Tuesday 13th June.

Previous Grade System

Previous Grade Boundaries

 New levels from 2018

 Assessment Terms

A*/A 91%-100% Levels 8/9 Exceptional
A 85%-90% Levels 7/8 Confident and Assured
A/B 79%-84% Levels 6/7 Competent and consistent/ Confident and Assured
B/C 65%-78% Level 5/6 Competent and consistent
C/D 55%-64% Level 4/5 Competent and consistent
D/E 40%-54% Level 3/4 Emerging competent
E/F 25%-39% Level 2/3 Basic
G 8%-24% Level 1/2 Limited