Issue No. 24 (24 June 2022)

SIS students keep working hard, right up to the very end of term – and we are extremely proud to finish the academic year with a bumper edition of our E-Bulletin.
This week, we include links to our Year 9 Community Projects, our IBDP virtual Art exhibition, the recordings of two very special student-led events (International Evening: Stellar, and TEDxTSIS: Tipping Point – as well as many other exceptional classroom and individual achievements.
We are sure you will enjoy all of these end of term highlights!
23 Jun 2022

Year 9 Community Projects

Congratulations to the Year 9 students on completing their The Community Projects this term! The students engaged in their projects with passion, enthusiasm, and perseverance. They applied their skills and worked together to make a difference in the community by completing service projects. Projects ranged from cleaning up beaches, hiking trails, and Hong Kong streets, recycling, teaching young children, creating Youtube videos, charity drives, Interhouse challenges, and working with NGOs – to name just a few of the amazing projects that they delivered!

Please take a look at the sample projects on our Community Project website HERE

23 Jun 2022

Chinese Battle Of The Books

Congratulations to Bernice LUI (08N2), Emily KUNG (08K1), Belmira IONG (08M1), Isaac KWONG (08K2), Corliss YOUNG (08N1), Kianne LEE (08K2), and Jasmine CHONG (08K2) who won the Year 8 Chinese Battle of Books championships. Great teamwork!

Also, congratulations to Hailey TAM who won the prize for Best Designer in the Chinese Battle Of the Books! She presented brilliant drawing techniques that demonstrated her creativity and deep understanding of the literature. 

Well done to the Year 8 CN106 Language and literature students. They have shown a passion for reading, consistent effort to contribute to their team and enthusiasm throughout the activity. The Chinese Department is proud of you all!

23 Jun 2022

SIS Coursework in IGCSE Second Language Chinese 

In the past two years, our School has launched a project on improving the curriculum of IGCSE 0523 Second Language Chinese with generous funding from the Quality Education Fund (QEF). The main goal of this project is to improve students’ experiences and learning by emphasising the cultural elements in the course, and gladly we have achieved great success.

To celebrate these successes, excellent student work has been chosen to be featured in a booklet (both physical and electronic), which will be published by the School. This booklet will be a showcase and celebration of the successful work produced during the last 2 years.

Student Sample Work Booklet: HERE

23 Jun 2022

Chinese E-Magazine

In the past two years, our Chinese department has been working on implementing multimodality in the curriculum. This project, led by Ms. Danni Li, with a joint effort from the department, is to improve students’ experiences and learning by emphasizing the multimodality in the course. We are glad to say that we have achieved great success.

To celebrate these successes, we have published a Chinese E-magazine Redefine. This booklet will be a showcase and celebration of the successful works produced during the last 2 years. Enjoy reading! 

Chinese E-magazine Redefine HERE

23 Jun 2022

Year 7 & 8 French & Spanish Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Grand Final 2022

All Year 7 & 8 French and Spanish classes recently undertook an Interhouse challenge to learn twenty-five words each in their respective language classes.  

The objective was to build on phonics work, reinforce spelling and the meaning of high-frequency words, work on strategies for memorisation, and finally provide a fun activity for all Year 7 and 8 students. 

On Thursday 16th June, our 12 finalists came head-to-head to participate in our Year 7 and 8 Spelling Bee Grand Final in front of their respective houses. 

In preparation for this, the finalists had to re-cap the twenty-five words that they had learned in their respective stages, and then learn an additional twenty-five new words. They were tested to see how many of these words they could translate and spell in one minute. 

Their performance was amazing and once again the results were very close, with one point separating some of the contestants and several tied scores. 

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Year 7 French winner: Atticus Lee (07K1)
  • Year 8 French winner: Shayne Tan (08M1)
  • Year 7 Spanish winner: Jade Wong (07S1)
  • Year 8 Spanish winner: Kotomi Matsuyama (08K1)

Scores from French and Spanish were added together for each house.  Well done to everybody who took part and for the positive manner in which the Year 7 and 8 audience supported the finalists. 

Bien fait! ¡Buen trabajo!

23 Jun 2022

Science – Eco- Hackathon

Year 8 students have been working on an Eco-Hackathon in Science this week. They have been planning and developing solutions for eco-problems using design thinking. Please have a look at some of their fantastic work below:

23 Jun 2022

Year 7 InSoc

Who or what made the Universe? – Students have been exploring this question in the final unit of the year, after being introduced to a number of different religious, cultural, and scientific creation / origin stories. 

After they explored this question with sources and discussions in class,  they finished off the unit by creating their own artistic interpretation, expressing their views and options, with a final reflection explaining their piece. Examples by students from 07IS107

  • Isaac Lu (07N2)
  • Lloyd Han (07M2)
  • Vanessa Wong (07M2)
  • Lois Lui (07N2)

23 Jun 2022

DP Visual Arts Exhibition

This is now our third year where Covid-19 restrictions have impacted our ability to have a physical show on campus to celebrate the practical outcomes of the DP Visual Arts course. While a virtual exhibition can never replace seeing work in real life, we are excited to share these resources with you at this time. 

Exhibiting artists: Dawn Chan (13K2), Lauren Chan (13C2), Zoe Chan (13K2), Soham Chopra (13K2), Anna Fay (13C1), Lok Yiu Fong (13S2), Hye Ryeo Hong (13B1), Gabby Kwan(13N2), Marisa Lau (13C2), Ashley Li (13M2), Asia McLaughlin (13B2), Grace Timpany (13K2), and Annette Wun (13B1). 

  • HERE is a link to a video tour of the Virtual DP Visual Arts Exhibition (2.36 minutes)
  • HERE is the link to the Exhibition Catalogue where you can read more about the conceptual focus of each student’s work.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the faculty’s amazing technicians, Ms. Joie Chan and Mr. Jackie Chan for putting together these digital records of the work. This wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

23 Jun 2022

Year 9 Integrated Arts – Film

Spencer Choy (09N1), Samantha Choy (09N1), Justin Ho (09K1) and Alyssa Tso (09N1) ( have all excelled in their filmmaking skills to produce their final film of the Year 9 Integrated Arts Unit. The group recorded and edited most of their sound and used various postproduction techniques to enhance the sense of threat as well as applying many of the lighting and camera skills we have practised during the unit. Impressive work. Congratulations to the talented students involved!

23 Jun 2022

International Evening 2022 – Stellar

The International Evening 2022 Head Team worked extremely hard to film these past few weeks for this year’s performance for the charity Arts for the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK). The school’s student-led event of The International Evening has supported this charity for many years, and representatives from the charity have performed in every single event. 

The event went live this Wednesday on our YouTube channel and you can re-watch the amazing performances below:

23 Jun 2022

TEDxTSIS – Tipping Point

TEDxTSIS is an independently organised TED event that celebrates the unique and inspiring ideas and experiences of South Island School students and members of the surrounding community. The theme for TEDxTSIS 2022 is The Tipping Point: an insight into reaching the point of no return, both environmentally and within our own personal lives.

The speakers for this year’s exciting event are Amaanat Rekhi (10N2), Serene Tseng (11S1), Saloni Sethi (12K1), Dennis Allen, and Suzanne Younan, who have spoken about a range of engaging and insightful topics, from the sometimes troubling proliferation of technology in the classroom to the perils of plastic pollution in Hong Kong. 

Rewatch and enjoy pre-recorded event below:

23 Jun 2022

Rising Stars Charity Concert

Well done to Phoebe Huang (12S1) and Cayden Huang (07S1) for their successful Rising Stars Charity Concert within the local community. Phoebe said, “After many years of learning piano, it is only right if we can do something meaningful with our skills” which is why she organised this special charity. 

The concert showcased the performers’ musical talent and made a difference in supporting the community!  Their goal for this concert was to fundraise for the charity Teen’s Key Hong Kong, a charity organisation that supports underprivileged young women in Hong Kong.  

Phoebe and Cayden were involved in all aspects of the concert. They had to invite participants to videotape them playing the performances with different instruments like piano, violin, cello..etc, Additionally, they also managed the posters, tickets, program booklet, and more graphical designs.  In the midst of that, they had to find a suitable location to facilitate the concert while at the same time, Teen’s Key meet with them both to build a greater understanding of their charity. 

On the day of the concert, volunteers assisted with a gift and certificate distribution, ticketing, and more administrative tasks. Cayden also helped to be one of the hosts for the concert.

They both helped raise an impressive HKD$20,000 for Teens Key, with 15 musicians performing for an audience of 100 people.

Phoebe and Cayden also had great support from other SIS students; Hazel Lee (12B1), and Charlene Lam (12S1) who helped with guest seating and goodie bag distribution, piano performer Adrian Lo (07C2), and saxophone performer Tiger He (08B2).

23 Jun 2022

Korean Culture Art Drawing Competition

Congratulations to Olivia Lee (09C2), who has recently won the 2nd runner-up prize in The Secondary School Korean Culture Art Drawing Competition. Olivia’s amazing achievement helped promote Korean culture among students living in Hong Kong earning her a prize of HK$1000. 

Olivia has decided to donate her money in a meaningful way with the help of the MaD council to a charity called ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors Children’s Fund’, which helps poor Vietnamese children. 

23 Jun 2022

21st Century Cup Competition

Congratulations to Aiden Teng (09K2) for winning the top prize in the senior secondary school category at the 21st Century Cup National English Speaking Competition held at the Peninsula Hotel on the 19th June 2022. You can read more about Aiden’s success HERE.

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