23 Jun 2022

TEDxTSIS – Tipping Point

TEDxTSIS is an independently organised TED event that celebrates the unique and inspiring ideas and experiences of South Island School students and members of the surrounding community. The theme for TEDxTSIS 2022 is The Tipping Point: an insight into reaching the point of no return, both environmentally and within our own personal lives.

The speakers for this year’s exciting event are Amaanat Rekhi (10N2), Serene Tseng (11S1), Saloni Sethi (12K1), Dennis Allen, and Suzanne Younan, who have spoken about a range of engaging and insightful topics, from the sometimes troubling proliferation of technology in the classroom to the perils of plastic pollution in Hong Kong. 

Rewatch and enjoy pre-recorded event below:

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