31 May 2019

Vaping Information for Parents

While the Hong Kong Government is discussing a blanket ban on e-cigarettes, we are finding that vaping is becoming a new trend with students in Hong Kong and we would like to alert parents to the dangers of children becoming involved with vaping.

There are a lot of concerns about vaping, as it is so new, and given the unknown effects it might be having on young people.

What originated as a smoking cessation aid has quickly became a popular product in its own right. Sarper Taskiran, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Child Mind Institute, attributes the recent rise in popularity to packaging and advertising. “The teens are after innovation and they’re attracted by sleek design and ease of use,” he says. “They look like an Apple product.”

The Child Mind Institute does have several articles about vaping and some advice to parents about how to approach the subject with their children:

Another interesting article from Partnership for Drug- Free Kids also offers advice for parents:

As part of our PLC curriculum, we will be having discussions with students about the dangers of vaping and reminding them that it is not allowed in school. Any paraphernalia associated with vaping found in school will be confiscated and parents will be required to come to school to collect items, if they wish to retain them.

Annette Chapman
Vice Principal