12 Nov 2021

Senior Inter-ESF Debating Competition

Our senior debating squads competed in the Senior Inter-ESF Debating Competition, for Year 10-13, this Saturday, November 6th.

In this first major tournament for our senior debaters, everyone certainly represented South Island School excellently, and it represents an important step in the team’s development. All the debaters deserve a huge round of applause for their hard work and the determination with which they competed.

Particular commendations must go to Britney Chan (10M1) and Ricardo Chong (12K2) who were in contention for Top 7 and Top 10 speaker awards respectively until a heartbreaking final round. As well as that, SIS Team 1 were in contention for the Top 3 in the teams ranking until the final round.

The performance of all our debaters demonstrates tenacity and sportsmanship.

The debaters were:

Ricardo Chong (12K2), Josh Lim (12S2), Lily Haylett (11B1), Utkarsh Goyal (10N2), Britney Chan (10M1), Jaya Mohan (10M1), Swati Sharma (10M2), Jessica Lei (10N1)

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