5 Nov 2021

Nature Works Pitch Day

Congratulations to Anna Nishakova, Ines Chiu Gonzalez, Lim Zhi Yang (Mark) and Rohan Munro Williamson for representing South Island School and being one of the top three school teams to secure funding at the Nature Works Pitch Day on Saturday 30 October 2021. 

The South Island School team stood out amongst the 14 other school teams from all over Hong Kong. The team provided the judges with a compelling case matched with an excellent presentation. Their pitch was centred on a solution they devised in response to an environmental problem they had identified in their local community.

During the Nature Works programme, the team discovered that their school throws over 10,000 plastic whiteboard markers every year, which sadly is equivalent to 23,000 plastic bottles! Using a more sustainable crayon that lasts up to 13 times longer than a regular marker, they envision all 22 ESF schools together will be able to save 8,400kg of plastic waste annually.

The other winning teams were Li Po Chun United World College with a water conservation initiative and the Independent Schools Foundation Academy Team 1 with an energy-saving initiative. 

Well Done SIS!


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