Issue No. 6 (12 November 2021)

12 Nov 2021

Box of Hope 2021

Congratulations to everyone involved with The Box of Hope. On Friday 5th November over 270 boxes were collected by the charity. A big thank you to the Family Bauhinia MaD reps who helped prepare the collection and stickers for each box, and also spread the message around the school. 

HERE is a short video to explain what is a ‘Box of Hope’

A brilliant SIS team effort for an amazing charity to help those children in need across Asia!

12 Nov 2021

Year 12 Visual Arts

Year 12 Visual Arts students began their sculpture workshops this week with the challenge of carving a cameo portrait into the cream of an Oreo cookie as a means of learning about relief sculpture. We then discussed the ethics of using food to make art as our TOK link. Below are some examples of the outcomes from the lesson. 

12 Nov 2021

Dragon Writing Competition (龍少年文學獎) 2021

Congratulations to Jason Au Yeung (11K2), Jasmine Yan (11K1), Kristie Lee (11B1), Phoebe Lin (10B1), Rongyan Huo (who left in 2021), and Daniel Fong (10C1) who have been awarded prizes in the 7th and 8th ‘Dragon Writing Competition’. 

The contest is an annual nation-wide writing competition in which more than 10,000 students from different regions participate each year. In the Award Ceremony which took place in Central on 5 November, Daniel Fong delivered a speech on behalf of South Island School. In addition, Ms. Echo Huang and Ms. Gladys Zhai have been awarded the ‘Outstanding Mentor’ prize in the 7th and in the 8th competition respectively. We would like to congratulate the students who won awards, and thank Ms. Danni Li who promoted the event at school, as well as Ms. Echo Huang and Ms. Gladys Zhai for mentoring our students. Thank you very much for the parental support in this writing competition too.

12 Nov 2021

Senior Inter-ESF Debating Competition

Our senior debating squads competed in the Senior Inter-ESF Debating Competition, for Year 10-13, this Saturday, November 6th.

In this first major tournament for our senior debaters, everyone certainly represented South Island School excellently, and it represents an important step in the team’s development. All the debaters deserve a huge round of applause for their hard work and the determination with which they competed.

Particular commendations must go to Britney Chan (10M1) and Ricardo Chong (12K2) who were in contention for Top 7 and Top 10 speaker awards respectively until a heartbreaking final round. As well as that, SIS Team 1 were in contention for the Top 3 in the teams ranking until the final round.

The performance of all our debaters demonstrates tenacity and sportsmanship.

The debaters were:

Ricardo Chong (12K2), Josh Lim (12S2), Lily Haylett (11B1), Utkarsh Goyal (10N2), Britney Chan (10M1), Jaya Mohan (10M1), Swati Sharma (10M2), Jessica Lei (10N1)

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