7 Jul 2022

Exceptional 2022 IB Results For Our Exceptional Students

It is once again with great pride that South Island School announces exceptional IB results today! In common with other ESF schools, we have achieved the second best IB average points score in our history – and once again this has been achieved from a large and inclusive cohort of students, each of whom has worked with focus and diligence to achieve the very best they can. You can see our overall IB Diploma statistics HERE – and we are also celebrating excellent results for our IBCP cohort today, with 94% of students achieving the full IBCP.

Behind every statistic, there are people, human stories. The Class of 2022 are the people who dealt with the cancellation of their IGCSE examinations two years ago; the people who found that their all-important two year IB course was constantly switching in and out of distance learning; and the people who entered their final examination with further uncertainty regarding what grade boundaries the IBO would set this time around, or whether their examinations would even run at all in Hong Kong.

The Class of 2022 have shown incredible resilience, agility and determination in rising to every unprecedented challenge that has been sent their way. We applaud and congratulate you on your exceptional achievements, and wish you every success in your future pathways. We are extremely proud of you all – please stay in touch with us as you go on to even greater achievements in the future!

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