13 Aug 2021

(I)GCSE Results – Congratulations to our students!

Our Year 12 students have now received their (I)GCSE results from last term’s exam season – and as usual, they have made us all immensely proud of their achievements.

We know that this cohort of students have had to contend with a two year IGCSE programme like no other … being in and out of distance learning throughout the course … an exam season that involved official exams for some subjects, and a different assessment process for other subjects … there have been so many extra challenges to face along the way …

Challenge is not necessarily a bad thing. If the level of challenge is too high, we know that it can cause stress and worry, and that is not a good thing – but by overcoming challenge, we also gain tremendous satisfaction in our achievements. There will be students who are celebrating (I)GCSE results that are even better than they could have possibly imagined … and a hopefully smaller number of students who are less happy with their outcomes at this stage. But regardless of how well your results matched, exceeded, or were below your expectations, please be immensely proud of the way in which you have conducted yourself throughout the last two years. Please be immensely proud of the process you have been through, and of the resilience and creativity you have shown in adapting to such a complex set of circumstances.

A magnificent 98.4% of our students have achieved five or more A* – C or 9 – 4 grades, a superb overall achievement, also supplemented earlier in the year with some excellent outcomes in a number of non-IGCSE courses. 64% of all CAIE grades were ranked A* or A, and 73% of our Pearson (Edexcel/AQA) grades were ranked 9, 8 or 7. Not everyone can secure top grades, or top grades would be meaningless. But everyone can strive to be the best that they can be, and show that they are worthy of progression to the next level of challenge – and that is exactly what you have done. Regardless of your level of achievement, we hope that you will be celebrating this weekend!

We congratulate every student on their achievements, and look forward to applauding you further when term restarts next week. Meanwhile, please do contact us if there is anything at all relating to your results that you feel needs further discussion.

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