26 Oct 2018

Election of Rainbow Ko to SIS School Council

Dear Parents,

Following the closure of the allocated time period for nominations from SIS parents, we can confirm that ONE nomination was received for the vacant role of Parent Representative on the South Island School Council. This nomination was for RAINBOW KO. We are very grateful to Rainbow for offering to serve SIS in this way.

Rainbow is already a very experienced member of the SIS Learning and Professional Development sub-committee, and you can read her statement (here) regarding her suitability for this role.

After discussion of the election procedure with ESF, we can confirm:

  • That the candidate elected is by definition the nominated candidate who receives the most votes, and that there is no requirement for a minimum number of votes to be cast.
  • Since Rainbow is the only nominated candidate, and has already received at least one vote on the nomination form, it is clear that Rainbow is automatically the candidate who has received the most votes.

Hence, there is no need for any further ballot of parents.

Therefore, I declare that Rainbow Ko has been duly elected to the South Island School Council, with immediate effect.

Thank you again to Rainbow for taking on this important and time-consuming role. I would also like to take this final opportunity to thank Janet Walker for her many years of service on the SIS School Council.

With best wishes,

Tom Vignoles
Principal, South Island School

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