25 Aug 2017

PTA (School Bus)

School Bus – Unauthorised Bus Users

During a recent ad-hoc bus pass checks, we found a small number of unauthorized bus users.
Please be reminded that the school buses are for students with valid bus passes. If you are not a bus user, please do not travel on the school bus. Any students found travelling without a bus pass will be reported to their Head of House.
If you have lost your bus pass, please bring a photo and $10 to the PTA office to get a replacement.

Lost Property on School Buses

Please be reminded that for any property lost on the school bus, you should call the bus company (Kwoon Chung) at 2578 1178 as soon as possible.

When you call them please: –

  1. Tell them that you are a student at South Island School
  2. Tell them that you called to report a lost item on the school bus
  3. Give them the bus number, the date and whether it was lost in the morning or after-school when the item was lost
  4. Kwoon Chung will ask for your phone number to call you back, so please have a contact number ready for them. If you do not have a phone number to give them, you can tell them that you will call them back to check the status. Also ask for the name of the person you are speaking to.