29 Mar 2019

PTA Raffle Tickets & Maths Workshop 2019

Message from PTA Chair

Whilst I am planning and getting very excited for the Rugby 7s weekend, I also want to highlight some PTA activities to come soon.

From 8 April, the raffle tickets are available for sale outside the PTA Office at break and lunch time. This year, my PTA colleagues and I have sourced attractive prizes for the raffle and we are looking for your support in making sure we can achieve our goal to sell the most raffle tickets, and to raise as many funds as possible for school improvement projects.

On 9 April, there will be a PTA education evening. The Mathematics workshop will be presented by SIS core Mathematics teachers in regards to teaching and learning of this subject in our school.

Please check out the raffle ticket booklets sent home with your children and sign up for the workshop before the deadline.

Thank you for your support as always.


PTA Raffle Ticket 2019



SIS PTA Parent Education Evening
Maths Workshop by SIS Maths Department

Please CLICK HERE to sign up by 4 April 2019.

Congratulations to our IB Graduates! South Island School 2024 IB Results are now available! Please find themHERE
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