11 Apr 2019

PTA Maths Evening

On Tuesday, 9 April, the PTA hosted an evening organised by the Mathematics Department. More than 100 parents engaged collaboratively in activities that disrupted commonly accepted myths about what Mathematics learning means. Below are some of the parents’ reflections at the end of the evening. We would like to invite you all to join us next time.

I used to think that some people are more talented at Maths and that this cannot be changed. Now I think learning is a journey and Maths can be quite enjoyable.”

“I used to think drilling and practice are most important. Now I think deeper understanding is the most fundamental.”

“I used to think learning Maths is quite boring. Now I think it looks like it’s much more interesting than anticipated and it covers so many different aspects.”

“I used to think Maths is quite straight-forward, just follow the rules. Now I think Maths is much more applicable, interesting and diverse.”

“I used to think that faster is smarter. Now I think that it is OK to make mistakes and take time while learning the concepts.”

“I used to think that there is a Maths brain. Now I think it’s all about understanding, patience and learning.”

“I used to think that quantity is important. Now I think that quality is equally important, if not more important than quantity.”

I used to think that Maths is about problem-solving. Now I think it is about analysis, understanding, communicating, applying and working systematically.”

Mathematics Department

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