2 Sep 2019

New Green Catering Packing

Our new Green Catering Packing has been launched on 2 September!

  1. Reusable container for vegi sticks, tomatoes, corns, fruits, jelly etc.

$10 will be added as a deposit for each container. The deposit will be refunded (in cash) upon return (no need to wash) of the container to the Refectory counter. The lost rate of metal cutlery and other reusable utensils has unfortunately remained high. If the condition persists, the Refectory might consider charging a deposit for more items.

  1. Simple eco sandwich paper wrap

For our better future, we need the support please from the whole SIS community:

  • Bring your own cutlery and containers.
  • DO NOT take cutlery and containers outside the Refectory/Atrium.
  • Return bowls, plates and cutlery to the collection trays. Never leave them on tables after eating.
  • Say “NO” to one-time disposables.
  • Never throw reusable cutlery, containers, utensils into the bin.
  • Separate waste in the appropriate recycle bins.

We have a limited edition SIS cutlery set available for sale (@$20) at the PTA Shop. Please check it out.

We are the first ESF school introducing these initiatives. Be proud and supportive of moving to another Green Step!

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