4 Apr 2019

Mr. K. S. Wong, HK Secretary for the Environment visits SIS

On Tuesday 2 April, we were very pleased to receive a visit from Mr K. S. Wong, Secretary for the Environment for Hong Kong SAR. As well as outlining the new Solar Harvest scheme, Secretary Wong and his team spent more than one hour engaging in an open and very positive discussion with six students from our Sustainability Council, exploring a wide range of environmental issues. It is clear that Secretary Wong and his team greatly valued the opportunity to consider our students’ well-informed views, and answer their many questions regarding the future environmental strategy for Hong Kong – and we know our students also found this meeting very beneficial. Sustainability is a topic about which our students care passionately, and rightly so. We will be working very closely with our students as we seek to further develop our own environmental strategy in the very near future.

You can read Secretary Wong’s own message about his visit here:

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