Issue No. 3 (18 September 2020)

18 Sep 2020

Project R.E.E.F Pitching Competition

A huge well done to Kiki Ko (11N2), Jasmine Lee (10M1), Lauren Tang (10M2), Serene Tseng (10S1) and Cameron Kyme (12C1) who recently won the first-ever Project R.E.E.F Pitching Competition. The 2-day event encouraged talented youths in Hong Kong to learn, ideate, and take action on the often overlooked issue of oyster reef conservation. Please click on the link to learn more about the group’s impressive winning proposal.

“Personally, this experience was already very fun and interactive after attending the webinars hosted by Nicholas Ng, an SIS 2020 alumni. In addition, I was surprised that I was able to get to know all of my teammates and work together with them effectively within just a day. The competition was indeed a hackathon-based event as said in the email sent to us; all stages of this competition required intense critical thinking, creativity, and many long hours of working, but it was definitely worth it. This helped me develop new skills and I felt very accomplished about our team’s delivery of the final presentation”. Kiki Ko (11N2)

“In this student-led, inter-school competition we learned about The Nature Conservancy’s unique Ridge to Reef approach to conservation. Our specific task as a group was to devise a 6-8 week project that helps the restoration of oyster reefs in Hong Kong. We were not only introduced to the fundamentals of shellfish ecology and the crucial role estuaries play in the environment, but we also learnt new brainstorming and design-thinking methods that ultimately assisted us greatly in coming up with a unique plan”. Serene Tseng (10S1)

18 Sep 2020

The Tech Bubble Ep7 – A Tale of 3 Principals

The Digital Leadership Council (DLC) podcast is back for a second season! Hosts Iain Williamson and Chloe Jazzy Lau (12B1) are joined by no less than three South Island School Principals, past and present! Tom Vignoles makes his first appearance on the show and is joined by Graham Silverthorne (SIS Principal from 2010-2017) and John Wray (SIS Principal from 2001-2010) The changing technological needs of the school is discussed ranging from the implementation of the 1-1 laptop scheme during John Wray’s tenure right the way through to the challenges of online learning faced in 2020. The show also includes two guests representing the DLC: Rohan Williamson of 12N2 and Paul Kim of 13N2.

18 Sep 2020

Year 9 Photography

The students have been exploring different editing and composition techniques in Year 9 photography and how this could communicate meaning to an audience. We are sure you will enjoy seeing their work. 

17 Sep 2020

Year 12 Visual Arts

Year 12 Visual Arts students have begun their DP journey and are being introduced to the course assessment criteria and standards through a series of media workshops. They started with workshops designed to develop their skills and confidence when drawing from observation. It takes courage for an artist to use dark tones when drawing! 

A key aspect of the IB mission is that other people, with their differences, can also be right. This task links visually to that concept. These drawings are the result of a photographic exploration of an everyday object through multiple perspectives. Can you guess what their chosen object was? 

Below are the outcomes completed by Lotus, Hye Ryeo and Lok Yiu. They will now take a section of these images into an investigation into acrylic paint and watercolour. 

17 Sep 2020

Interhouse Glute Bridge Challenge

Please find below a breakdown of the results from the latest Interhouse Challenge which took place in students PE / Sports and Leisure lessons last week. Results are broken down by year group first, then the overall results are given to conclude. Well done to all students that took part!

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