20 Jan 2023

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January Weekly Newsletters
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Principal’s Message

Message from the Principal

家; family, home.  We all know the importance of a supportive family – children feel secure and cared for and develop confidence to explore their world, try new things and learn. At South Island we strive to create this atmosphere for our whole community, because we believe that when you feel a sense of belonging, magic can happen.  

This past week has given us many opportunities to show our commitment to each other and the importance of family.

  • On the weekend, a great number of our teaching staff came together with their families to hike the Hong Kong Trail in memory of our colleague, Paul Gardner, who passed away last year.  It was a lovely atmosphere and a wonderful opportunity to share stories about a man who was a very important member of our South Island family.
  • This week also marks the end of the Year 13 mock examinations.  The students had a great support system to help them through a very tough couple of weeks, in their parents, their teachers, and their classmates.
  • We welcomed our new staff members with a coffee morning to build connections and welcome them to the family.
  • We also welcomed Year 6 students, soon to be Year 7 South Island School students.  The number of our current SIS students who volunteered their time to show these younger students around campus and to make these first experiences of secondary life memorable was outstanding.  
  • Our PE staff also went the extra mile to support our Year 11 students at Wong Chuk Hang, ensuring they could showcase the best of their skills in Rounders. Special mention goes to the students themselves for the robust encouragement they offered each other.
  • And finally, our amazing Chinese New Year Assembly.  This was a special highlight of the week, with the entire school coming together to celebrate the incoming Year of the Rabbit as one family.

This coming week marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year; a time to reconnect with family and look forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your part in making South Island School a very special place to learn, to grow, to thrive.

Have a wonderful holiday and best wishes for the year ahead.

Kung Hei Fat Choi / Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Carolyn Andrews

Interim Principal



Chinese New Year represents a very special time for many of our students in South Island School, and to welcome the Year of Rabbit, the School celebrated this important annual festival with the Chinese New Year Assembly.

The assembly featured more than 70 fantastic student performers. Performances included solo and group singing, Chinese dance, and interpretations of famous Chinese pieces on the Guzheng, Erhu and piano. The assembly ended with the Leadership Team singing Gongxi Gongxi alongside the students, and everyone seemed to be ready for the holiday and the festival! Congratulations to all the student performers and teacher performers (Mr Lee and Ms Nicholas), student helpers, staff and a special thank you to Ms Holyoak, Ms Chen and Mr Mak for all their hard work and preparation for this enjoyable assembly.


This year’s Kuca MaD week was focused on the issue of period poverty, aiming to destigmatize and raise awareness around this topic around school. There were various activities planned for students to participate in, including origami, quizzes and documentary screenings. Well done, Tania Chim (12K2), Katrina Wong (12K2) and the Kuca MaD Council team for such a great initiative. You all made a difference!


This week we are excited to welcome our second group of Year 6 students to South Island School community this week. We believe that the move to secondary school is a significant milestone in a students’ life, and therefore it is our aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. The students were excited to gain a sense of life at secondary school, meet teachers and make friends with other students. In addition, there were opportunities to experience tasters lessons in subjects such as Science, French/Spanish, Maths, Global Thinking, Individuals and Societies, PE, Creative Arts and a welcome to the Family Bauhinia. 





The government has made changes to the isolation due to Covid that will come into effect on January 30, 2023.  For our students who test positive for Covid should not attend school until they have tested negative by RAT. To read more about this update, please click the link HERE.


From February 1-12, we will be inviting our stakeholders to complete a survey to capture your feedback on how we, as a school, are providing the best for our students.  You will receive an email from Belinda Greer, CEO of ESF, inviting you to complete this very important survey.  We would like to hear from each and every member of our community so please do take this opportunity to share your views.


After a successful series of curriculum evenings in term 1, we would like to offer further information sessions in terms 2 and 3. Therefore we would like to know which subjects or aspects of the curriculum at South Island School you would like to learn more about.

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions in the following Google Form HERE.

Previous Curriculum Evenings:

– Mathematics – 27 October

– Languages – 17 November

– Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) – 1 December


The PTA would like to extend a very warm welcome to the families who have joined the SIS community since 2020. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we are excited to announce our Yum Cha session will be returning. This will be a wonderful opportunity to have existing and new parents, students and staff together especially even more around Chinese New Year, when support and connection are so culturally important.

In our first session, we would like to invite families who have joined SIS between the year 2020 to 2023. 

  • Date: Friday 3 Feb 2023 
  • Time: 1:30 – 2:30 pm 
  • Venue: 5/F, The SPACE, South Island School

To register for this event, please complete the form HERE. 

  • Sign up deadline: Friday 27 January 2023. 

As a reminder, the PTA Committee is looking for an administrator. This is a full-time role during term time, with some additional work in August. SIS PTA stages a number of social and fundraising events each year and supports the school and parent community for the benefit of all South Island School students. If you are interested in applying for this PTA administrator role, please find more information HERE.

Happy New Year!

Phase Year 7-9

Message from Head of Phase Year 7-9:


Year 9 Options Fair

Many Year 9 students and parents attended the school options fair to find out more information about the subjects on offer for their (I)GCSE courses. It was great to see students listening to presentations, asking questions and discussing their possible choices with their friends. Thank you all for attending and hope you found it helpful.

Year 9 & 11 Vertical Tutoring

Another superb opportunity took place to gather information for their choices for (I)GCSE options. Our Year 11 students spent a Pastoral Learning Curriculum (PLC) session this week explaining their option choices with the Year 9 students. They discussed the challenges they faced during the year and valuable tips to support progress. A big thank you to the Year 11 students for their honesty, enthusiasm and support during this session.

Year 9 – Community Project in Global Thinking 

The community project was officially launched in the first week of this term so that our Year 9 students are more aware of what is ahead of them with this exciting part of the MYP journey. The Year 9 students have been sent a survey to complete, which will help gauge their interests and help form their learning groups. The first session in their Community project groups will begin after half term.


Year 8 Prefects

This term, Year 8 Prefects have been supporting the Family Bauhinia team by guiding Year 6 students on their taster days at SIS. The students were fantastic ambassadors for the school and ensured the Year 6 students had a fantastic visit. We look forward to seeing them back in school in August!  

Year 7 PLC Term 2

In response to student needs, Year 7 students will be focusing on ‘how we treat others and conduct ourselves’ in this term’s pastoral learning. They will be preparing various display materials including posters demonstrating ‘above and below the line behaviours’.

Vertical Values in Action

Students from Year 11 have been completing various projects for their IGCSE Global Citizenship course. One such project was to raise awareness with Family Bauhinia students about plastics in the sea. This was achieved through playing games, quizzes and working with the students to teach them about the consequences on wildlife in the oceans. Our students really enjoyed the connectivity and activities arranged, it’s always rewarding to see students advocating for causes they are passionate about.



Year 8 PLC: Relationships

This week Year 8 students explored different types of relationships, how to identify when a relationship might be unhealthy, and they all gave advice on how to strengthen relationships. This is a great conversation to continue to discuss at home, and guidance from parents can help our students to navigate friendships and all kinds of relationships they are building. 

Year 7 – SIS Community Challenge

Due to the short ‘half-term’, Year 7s have created for themselves a short challenge to focus on in the last two weeks. These have included; making sure to recycle carefully, contacting friends and family more, playing with family and helpers instead of gaming, and reducing screen time. 

The Space – Connectivity and Well-being 

The Space continues to be a positive environment for all at lunch and break and the Year 6 students certainly enjoyed experiencing some of the games and activities on offer when they visited in the last two weeks. There really is something for everyone here, from more physical activities of basketball, to a place where children can game together over lunch or just sit and chat about their days. We especially like it when the older and younger students mix, maybe over a game of chess, as can be seen below, or find something in the cupboard to give them an opportunity to create, like the girls who built the wooden structure from a kit in the lost and found!

Syrita Nicholas

Head of Phase (Year 7-9)

Phase Year 10-11

Message from Head of Phase Year 10-11:


The lead-up to Christmas was a busy time for our Year 11 students who completed their mock examinations.  Students showed remarkable resilience over an intense two-week period and now have a clear understanding of what is expected in the summer examination series.  Students have returned to school and have been receiving feedback on these mock exams. They will soon receive their PCC2 reports which will highlight not only their performance in the mocks but the predicted grades their teachers feel they are capable of achieving in the real things.

Year 10 students are now halfway through the first year of their IGCSE courses and should be settled into the rigour of this phase of learning.  They too will be receiving PCC2 reports imminently and will be able to use those to reflect on how their studies are going.

It was lovely to welcome so many students and parents at the recent subject options fair. Year 11 students are hopefully feeling confident in making choices for their post-16 studies.


Our students continue to take part in a whole range of events and activities taking place in school.  It has been good to see students from Year 10 and 11 being actively involved in Kuca MaD week and the recent celebration assemblies.  We are looking forward to the many performances in the upcoming Chinese New Year assembly on Friday.


Do take further time to relax and reconnect with family over this break and we look forward to entering the last half of the academic year with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Laura Beaumont

Head of Phase (Year 10-11)

Phase Year 12-13

Message from Head of Phase Year 12-13:


In January, Year 13 students completed their Mock Exams, which gave them a valuable opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and practise for their upcoming exams in May. It was undoubtedly a stressful two weeks and our students should be commended for making it through. Next their attention will turn back to finishing up their Internal Assessments (IAs) and receiving feedback from their teachers on their exam performance. 


While the Year 13 students have focused on their academics, the Year 12 students have begun taking further steps into student involvement and leadership by taking up some of the Year 13 roles and responsibilities while they are occupied with their exams. The Year 12 students have brought their values into action by:

  • Taking over for the Year 13 Prefects for break and lunch time duties
  • Helping out with the Year 9 and 11 Options Evening on 11 January and the Year 6 taster visits
  • Guiding students in the younger years through the Form Links and Vertical Tutoring programmes


As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, a timely break used and lived purposefully can be a wonderful help to well-being. I hope you have the opportunity to meet and celebrate with family and friends over this Lunar New Year break to return refreshed and ready for the daily work of learning and growing here at South Island School.

Hin-Hey Lam

Head of Phase (Year 12-13)

January Weekly Newsletters

  • 16 January – 20 January 2023


Students from Chinese lessons have been getting creative these past few weeks, creating Lunar New Year cards, below are some we would like to share with the community:

Agnes Lok (10C1)

Alex Tsui (10K1)

Isabella Cheng (07S1)

Praise Lo (07S1)



Congratulations to Lloyd Han (08M2) who won the second runner-up (silver medal) in the 12th Hong Kong Open Junior Kendo Championships, U12 match, organised by the Hong Kong Kendo Association, on Sunday 15 January. Well done Lloyd!


The cricket team kicked off their U16 season with a comprehensive win over PAOC Kai Chi Secondary School. Opening batters Harishankar Venkatesh (09K1) and Sharv Nayak (11M2) laid the foundation with an opening stand of 142. Sharv played a superb innings to bring up his first hundred and finished with 106. James Walker (08S1) ended the innings 22 not out.  At the end of 20 overs, SIS made an imposing 218. 

A great start with the ball quickly saw the opposition 13-4. SIS continued to apply the pressure and finished up bowling out PAOC for 52 to end up the victors by 166 runs. Wickets were shared around with Alvin Ng (10C2), Paarth Srivastava (10B1), Matthew Phillipson (10B1) and James grabbing two wickets each.

Well done also to William Phillipson (09B2), Ronith Borthakur (09K2), Keshav Mathur (08K2), Nirvaan Kapadia (08M1), Anirudh Rambhatla (08M1), and Arley Webster (08B1).

Cricket Highlight HERE.


Congratulations to Jimmy Lee (10C2) who participated in the 26th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships on Wednesday 18 January and represented in the event with the name, “PACER”. It was a great experience to play against different countries across Asia (a total of 18 countries participated).

Bowling Highlight HERE


A big match at King’s Park, Ho Man Tin on Saturday 14 January for the Division 1 HKSSF Boys Tennis Team against Wah Yan College Kowloon (WYK). The team beat WYK last year for the first time ever and managed to repeat it again this year thanks to a strong performance. Ethan Kong (11M2) served us a win in the game that decided the match result which was 4.5-3.5. Captained by Christian Wong (12C2) who was impressive in both his singles matches winning them both to love. One of the team’s best seasons ever continues! Well done also to other members of the team: Sean Lee (12N2), Darren Kong (07C2), Adam Chan (12B2), Ashton Mar (11B1) and Philip Leung (10B1). 


We are excited to share with the community an opportunity to re-watch the Diwali Night 2022 event that happened last term. A two-part complete recording is available on our YouTube channel below:

Part 1

Part 2


We are thrilled to share with the community the Creative Arts Faculty promotional video this week. The video provides a wonderful insight into the Music, Visual Arts and Film & Media departments at South Island School:


This week we are delighted to interview three new staff members who have joined SIS at the start of Term 2; Mr Ross Crichton, Head of Music, Mr Martin Brown, Teacher of English, and Mr Roshan Hingorani, English (EA).

Ross, Martin and Roshan are excited to share with you some information about their backgrounds and also their role and responsibilities at school, which you can read more by accessing the links below:

  • Ross Crichton – Head of Music HERE
  • Martin Brown – Teacher of English HERE
  • Roshan Hingorani – English (EA) HERE

Linked below are this month’s weekly newsletters:

Reminders & Upcoming Events


  • Monday 23 – 27 [Half Term Break]


  • Thursday, 2 – 4  – HKAYP Silver Camp
  • Friday, 3 – Year 13 Australian Application Check In
  • Tuesday, 7 – Year 8, Year 9, Year 11 Option Forms Due
  • Tuesday, 7 – Year 9 SLC
  • Friday, 10 – Year 12 UK Higher Education Workshop
  • Saturday, 11-12 – SIS MUN
  • Monday, 13-17 – Year 11 Food Practical Exam
  • Friday, 17-18 – HKAYP Bronze Camp
  • Friday, 17 –  Year 12 US Higher Education Workshop
  • Monday, 20 – Year 13 1:1’s
  • Friday, 24-25 – HKAYP Bronze Camp #2b
  • Friday, 24 – Year 12 HK Higher Education Workshop
  • Monday, 27 – Wednesday, 1 March – SIS Chef Semi-Finals


If your son or daughter has a particular highlight or achievement you would like to share with the community, please email a short description and photo to: ebulletin@sis.edu.hk

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