Issue No. 9 (10 December 2021)

10 Dec 2021

Digital Christmas Card Competition 2021

Students have been showcasing their design skills this month by creating a digital Christmas card that included the theme ‘Reconnection’. Well done to Katrina WONG (11K2), winner ,Eva-victoria TRUONG-GHAFOORZADEH NOBAR (08N2), 1st Runner-up, and Ambre GOSSE (10N1), 2nd Runner-up of the competition. The winning card will be shared with the SIS community on the last day of term (17th Dec). 

10 Dec 2021

Food & Mask Drive

As part of another MaD Council initiative, last week students have been really helpful with their donations for the charity ‘Impact HK’ with a mask and food drive. Well done to everyone who donated unopened packages of surgical face masks, reusable face masks, and hand sanitisers for the Mask Drive, and those who gave individually packaged food items, juice boxes, and food vouchers for the food drive!

10 Dec 2021

Year 7 Music

Students are currently completing their Unit of Inquiry into Medieval Music where they have explored how composition is structured through performance and composition activities. 

10 Dec 2021

Year 7 & 8 Textiles

Year 7 and 8 MYP design students have been making bag tags to express their individuality. Many of the students used conductive thread and soft switches to sew an electronic circuit to light up LED’s on their tags. They learnt hand sewing skills and electronics and had lots of fun. 

10 Dec 2021

Year 12 BTEC Creative Media

Congratulations to our amazing Year 12 BTEC Creative Media students on their successful multi-camera studio production ‘Southside Singrays’ broadcasted live to classrooms last Friday. Southside Singrays’ aims to bring smiles to the South Island School community, lighten everyone’s mood, and remind us of the importance of smiling for our wellbeing through the magic of music. Using a light entertainment programme format, the show includes a live music performance, mystery masked singers, and a music-themed game. Please have a look at the final production below:

10 Dec 2021

BTEC Art and Design Trip

Last Friday BTEC Art and Design students visited a printing press to print their logo designs.  Students have been working on a project to design branding for a streetwear company, and they sent their logos off to be etched onto metal plates ready to be printed for their swing tags. Students experienced the hands-on process of using a letterpress machine to print their logos, which was a fun and informative learning experience!


10 Dec 2021

Oxfam Trailwalker

Congratulations to Mrs. Webster and her Oxfam Trailwalker team!  They completed the Maclehose trail in 17h54m, 6 minutes under their target time.  What a fantastic achievement and all in support of a great cause, Oxfam.  So far, the team has raised $32,715.00. If you’d like to donate to the team fundraising page, please click the link below: 

Well done for making a difference Mrs. Webster! 

The team included: 

  • Nat Webster (South Island School) 
  • Deena Schwan (Clearwater Bay Primary School) 
  • Aislinn Malone (ESF parent) 
  • Nozomi Gaffney (ESF parent) 

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