Issue No. 6 (30 October 2020)

30 Oct 2020

The Tech Bubble EP9 – H-SHE-ML

Season 2 of the Tech Bubble continues to address issues of equity with Episode 9 focusing on the relationship between gender equity and technology. We catch up with former Vice-Principal Annette Chapman to find out what she’s been doing since leaving SIS, whilst also welcoming back two of our former students: Janis Wong and Ruthie Laidler, both students from the graduating class of 2014. Janis is currently working completing an interdisciplinary PhD in Computer Science at the University of St Andrews, where she is researching the legal applications and ethical implications of privacy, data protection, and technology. Her thesis focuses on how data protection can be thought of as a common good to mitigate power imbalances between individuals and companies. Since returning to Hong Kong, Ruthie has begun working for JP Morgan as an analytics developer with a focus on Q/KDB.

We also feature two current students both from the Digital Leadership Council: Aashika Mamgain from 11N2 and regular guest Rohan Williamson (12N2). Finally, the tech review team, Maxine Yang from 13B2, Paul Kim from 13N2 and Ryan Mak from 12S2 discuss what’s new.  

30 Oct 2020

Year 7 Music – MTR RAPS

Year 7 music students have recently created raps using the software GarageBand. Students created their own unique backing tracks, wrote and performed their own lyrics and balanced the volume of each part. A main focus was matching the beat and rhythm. Congratulations to Ronith Borthakur, Will IP, Jemima Keys and Shaun Kirpalini who created highly effective raps about Hong Kong MTR stations. You can hear their raps here

30 Oct 2020

Year 10 Music – Theme & Variation

Throughout this term, out Year 10 Music students have composed their very own piece based on the structure of Theme and Variations. Students have spent time both at home and in class to compose using the MuseScore software and with huge success. We would like to congratulate Jay Shiu for his piano piece, Four Seasons. As you can see and hear, Jay most certainly has a talent for composition

Audio available here:

30 Oct 2020

Year 9 Integrated Arts (Visual Art)

Students have been exploring the concept of chiaroscuro in the creation of black & white portrait photographs. This week as part of their independent learning they created social justice messages inspired by the stylistic qualities of the American artist Barbara Kruger. These works were completed by Serenity Lockwood, Ella Tsia and Swati Sharma.


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