Issue No. 23 (10 June 2022)

10 Jun 2022

Year 7 Spelling Bee Competition

All Year 7 French and Spanish classes recently undertook an Inter-house challenge to learn fifty words each in their respective language classes. The objective was to build on phonics work, reinforce spelling and meaning of high-frequency words, work on strategies for memorisation and finally to provide a fun activity for all of Year 7 students. 

The preliminary rounds were held in class time, with students separated in to their Houses to compete. There were many impressive performances by students to spell the words aloud in French and or Spanish, concentrating on translating the words from English into the appropriate language, whilst demonstrating accurate pronunciation of the alphabet, including accents. The end results were extremely close, with winners frequently only separated by one or two words. 

The winner of each House now goes on to the Grand Final, to be held before the end of term, where a further fifty words will be tested. 

Bien fait! Buen trabajo! 


9 Jun 2022

The 2021 French Speech Competition

563 candidates, 20 schools and 33 categories.

This was the fierce competition that our students faced for this year’s French Speech Competition which took place in November 2021. Whether you recited a poem by Jacques Prévert or chose your own piece of prose, the challenge was to demonstrate your eloquent oratory skills in French, against students from across Hong Kong. 

South Island School can proudly count amongst its students several certificates for merit and indeed a 1st Runner-up.

  • The 1st Runner-up for Solo Prose Reading is Amaanat Rekhi (10N2). She also received a Certificate of Merit for Solo Poetry Speaking.
  • Swati Sharma, (10M2), received a Certificate of Participation for her Solo Poetry Speaking.
  • Agastya Rekhi, (08N1), received a Certificate of Honour for his Solo Poetry Speaking and a Certificate of Participation for his Solo Prose Reading. 
  • Joshua Moore, (07M1) and Felix Moore, (07N2), both received Certificates of Merit for their Solo Poetry Speaking. 

The French Department is very proud of their results and congratulates them on their dedication and motivation to learning French. You are true life-long learners!


9 Jun 2022

Girls Tennis Season

The girls tennis team completed their Div 1 matches on Saturday. A spirited performance from the team all season will see us finish 5th in the league. It has been a challenging season with the change of rules, postponements and Covid requirements. The team are very much in transition as we welcome new players this season. We say goodbye to two of our more experienced players over the past few years as Alyssa Wong and Sara Melzi from Year 13 leave SIS. We wish them well in all future endeavors.

As we prepare for next season, Giselle Li will take the role of team captain with Audrey Poon in the vice-captain role. 

9 Jun 2022

Year 9 Advanced Music

Throughout this year, our students have enthusiastically embraced composition, performance and analysis activities. We are exceptionally proud of their achievements and their tenacity to learn both at home and on campus. Please enjoy a short video compilation, showcasing their recent ensemble performances.

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