Issue No. 2 (10 September 2021)

10 Sep 2021

Year 12 Prefect Training

Our current Head Prefect Team has led an informative and fun training session for Year 12 students who may be interested in applying for the role of Head Prefect later this year. The session involved learning about leadership skills, problem-solving techniques, and well-being support.

10 Sep 2021

Year 9 Creative Arts – Media

Year 9 Media students have been busy working on their photography skills, as they applied techniques studied in class to their practical work. Ahlia Koram (9B2), Iris Donovan (9B2), and Siena Poulton (9C2) experimented with forced perspective in the multi-sports area whilst Gavin Butler (9N2) and Aiden Ho (9M2) used the same technique in the Space, with a giant disembodied hand! Finally, Sophia Yim (9C1), Hailey Tang (9B2), and Kae Chuang (9S2) made use of internal framing devices via the inventive use of their glasses.   


10 Sep 2021

Year 13 IB Psychology

Year 13 IB Psychologists have been debating the Pros and Cons of digital technology on Cognition. Students debated how modern technology affects strategic and flexible thinking as well as empathy, focus, and even addiction. This was a very hard debate to judge! Both sides had excellent arguments and evidence to support their claims.

10 Sep 2021

New International BTEC in Creative Media 

It is exciting times for our BTEC Creative Media students, as our very first cohort of students taking this new course learned the roles, responsibilities, and processes involved in creating a live television studio production. Students demonstrated outstanding teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills throughout the workshop. They will soon begin to plan their own production for live broadcasts later this term.

10 Sep 2021

Brain Game Competition Winner

Congratulations to Amaanat Rekhi (10N2) who has recently won the South China Morning Post, Young Post’s Brain Game Competition. This was a Hong Kong wide competition open to all young people. Brain Game challenges participants to think and write creatively. The competition started with a selected group of 10 participants. Each week, they were given one question to answer. Responses were published and voted on by the general public resulting in the elimination of one participant each week until a winner is left, 10 weeks later. 

To find out more about her amazing achievement, please read the SCMP Young Post article HERE

10 Sep 2021

Criminal Psychology Course – Anson Lam

Congratulations to Anson Lam (11N1) who has been accepted onto the “Introduction to Criminal Psychology course” as part of the gifted and talented program at The Chinese University. We are sure that Anson will find this a very interesting extension of her studies!

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