Issue No. 19 (11 June 2021)

11 Jun 2021

Rhythmic Gymnastics Award

Courtney Chow (08B2) won a gold medal for her Rope performance at the City Challenge Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament 2021 on May 16, 2021.  Courtney discovered her passion 4 years ago and has progressed from Freehand, Ball, to now Rope.  Courtney’s next target is to also master Hoop, Ribbon, and Clubs. Congratulations!

11 Jun 2021

French & Spanish Spelling Bee 2021

The Heritage and World Languages Department were pleased to be able to host the French & Spanish Spelling Bee Interhouse challenge which takes place annually for Year 7 and Year 8 students. There was a buzz of excitement as students prepared to go head-to-head amongst their peers in opposing houses.

The finalists for the competition which takes place on 17th June are as follows:

Year 7 French Year 7 Spanish Year 8 French Year 8 Spanish
Bahay Aidan Fu, 


Henry Min,


Julienne Chong,


Paarth Srivastava,


Casa Alexis Ng, 


Olivia Choi,


Caleb Chan,


Jasmine Miers,


Kuca Natalie Sylvester, 


Kotomi Matsuyama, 


Esther Au Yeung,


William Zhang,


Maison Shayne Tan,


Shaun Kirpalani,


Carina Khoo,


Cyrus Yu,


Namas Agastya Rehki,


Emma Kang,


Andrea Lau,


Maxwell Miller,


Shtepi Allison Chan,


Marion Begasse De Dhaem 


Fuyu Kaetsu


Darren Pun,


Congratulations to these students for reaching the final!

10 Jun 2021

BTEC Art & Design Printing Trip

Students on the BTEC Art & Design course have been exploring branding and graphic design, they have designed logos and products for a restaurant, inspired by Hong Kong culture. These logos were sent to Ditto Ditto, a printing press company, to be etched onto metal plates.  Students visited Ditto Ditto to use the printing press machine to print their logo onto stationary.  It was a fun and educational learning experience!


10 Jun 2021

Year 12 Robotics Club & Year 8 Global Thinking

Year 12 Robotics Club students came into a few Year 8 Global Thinking lessons to help them build a robotic arm.  The Year 8 students are currently working on a unit about inventions and were given a problem-solving challenge to building a robotic arm. The Year 12 students learned how to build the arm in their own time, met during break times to share their learning, and then came to the Year 8 lessons to troubleshoot. 

The Year 8 students worked in groups of three to explore the robotics kits,  tested ideas, and followed complex instructions.


10 Jun 2021

Native Tree Planting on Lantau Island

A group of Year 12 students volunteered to work with Mr. Melsom planting native trees on the hillside above Mui Wo on Lantau Island on 4th June. Our students have been visiting this site regularly for many years and some of the trees are now quite mature. Another group of students is headed out this Friday to further assist. Mr. Melsom is a Horticulturalist who runs Eagle Owl on the island.


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