Issue No. 17 (18 March 2022)

18 Mar 2022

Year 7 Music

Creativity can lead to a particular style that represents a specific genre in time. This is the statement of inquiry for the Term 1 unit of work, titled Chinese Music. Students have developed their inquiry skills through a range of composition, performance, and listening analysis activities. Please enjoy the video presentation below that showcases highlights of students’ work from this term.

18 Mar 2022

Year 8 Spanish Exercise Videos

As usual, our students of Spanish have been very busy. Our aim is to teach language that students can use in authentic situations and have fun at the same time. We also like to keep our students fit and so we gave them the challenge of creating an exercise video in Spanish, incorporating the stylistic features that an exercise video would require. We indeed had fun trying them out. ¡Qué divertido! We’d like to share a sample of them with the community, so feel free to join in if you’re feeling energetic!

The following students’ videos are included in this week’s e-Bulletin: 

Ian Ho (08K1)

Don Wong (08M2) 

Shaun Kirpalani (08M2) 

Hilary Au Yeung (08N1)

Charlotte Ho (08N1)

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