Issue No. 12 (28 January 2022)

27 Jan 2022

CNY Lai See Designs & Theme Art

Well done to Year 7 students for their Lai See designs and to Year 8 and Year 9 students on making some fantastic CNY-themed art.

Lai See Designs:

Artwork Selection 1:

Artwork Selection 2:

27 Jan 2022

Holocaust Memorial Interview

Ms. Flick Percival (Head of English) and Ms. Syrita Nicholas (Head of Insoc) have been working with The Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre. Last week they were honoured to be able to interview Michel Lowy, a third-generation Holocaust survivor. Michel’s testimony and explanation of his family’s experiences are incredibly powerful. 

Both Flick and Syrita will be creating a reflection lesson, based on Michel’s interview, which will be shared with Year 8 English and Year 9 InSoc students. 

It is vital for schools to teach the holocaust and the topic of genocide. Without basic understanding of this recent history, we are in danger of failing to learn where a lack of respect for difference and hostility to others can ultimately lead. It is important for our SIS students to remember their pledge to Make a Difference and be upstanders if they witness discrimination.

You can view the interview below: 

21 Jan 2022

MYP Design Display

Students have been very busy over the last term creating a wide range of products in MYP Design! To celebrate student learning we have put a display up in the school foyer which everyone has been enjoying for the last week; there are photos of delicious dishes, displays of garments, textiles products, reading lamps, and jewellery created by students. The creativity and effort students have put into their unit of inquiry is impressive!

19 Jan 2022

Digital Leadership Council – Gameplay

Introducing the DLC’s new ‘Gameplay’ YouTube series in which our hosts play a different board game together each episode to entertain viewers, have a fun time, and demonstrate the gaming experience of each game. In Episode #1 of the series, we introduce a board game called ‘Liar’s Dice’ where you must rely on your witty thinking, careful decision making, and most importantly your luck. Each round, players must roll a “hand” of dice under their cup and look at their hand while keeping it concealed from the other players. There are only two choices during a player’s turn: to make a higher bid or challenge the previous bid. Who will win? Click the video below to find out!

19 Jan 2022

Year 9 Film

The Year 9 Film students celebrated their success by screening their final films, showcasing the filmmaking techniques they have been developing, such as specific camera angles, lighting, and editing skills. Click on below to view one example:

  • Loophole – by Ren Wong, Chaemin Jun, Wesley Wan, and Adrian Lin

19 Jan 2022

Year 13 BTEC Media

The Year 13 BTEC Media students relished the challenge of researching, planning, and setting up an interview for their BTEC Media coursework. 

Ms. Sharman was kind enough to be interviewed on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools. The students will create a final film that demonstrates their understanding of Factual Production Techniques.

19 Jan 2022

HKAYP Bronze Certificates Awarded

The HKAYP team is very proud to announce that another 9 students have been awarded their HKAYP Bronze certificates. This is an amazing achievement, especially considering the current Covid restrictions which have made completing all sections of the award even more challenging. Congratulations to the following students, who can collect their certificates and pin badges from Mr. Oliver.

  1.     KWAN Gabrielle Cai Chun
  2.     LO Sze Hang Tate
  3.     SIT Summer Faye
  4.     WONG Katrina Pui Lam
  5.     CHOI Ji Sung Jason
  6.     EE Hong Liang
  7.     KIM Tae Yoon
  8.     KUNG Ching Yau Michelle
  9.     YAMAMOTO Mao
19 Jan 2022

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) students attended the CDNIS conference online over the weekend. Students who attended were:

  • Jason Au Yeung 
  • Dhrishti Dayaram 
  • Ashna Ganguly 
  • Tisya Gupta
  • Horace Leung
  • Anson Li
  • Josh Lim
  • Andrew Luo
  • Riya Rao 
  • Saloni Sethi 

Anson Li (11C1) was awarded best delegate in the Human Rights Committee, which was an amazing result. In addition,  Josh Lim (12S2) received an honorary mention as a delegate of China and Jason Au Yeung (11K2) an honorary mention as a delegate of the USA, in the Security Council. The conference was initially postponed from August 2021 to January 2022 and then in the last week was moved online. All the students who attended were amazing in how resilient they were throughout this process. Both Ms. Thompson and Ms. Tyrrell were thoroughly impressed with the standard of research that had been done and how professionally everyone spoke.

19 Jan 2022

Dr. George Choa Cup

Congratulations to Michelle Wong (10N2) and Michael Wong (13N2) who recently competed in the recent Dr. George Choa Cup, a team event featuring young talent from across Hong Kong. 


19 Jan 2022

Hong Kong Rugby Union

Well done to Marco Conti for participating in the Hong Kong Rugby Union’s New Year’s Day Youth Tournament. Marco showed exceptional flair on the field and was named best player for his under-19s match. 

Marco was one of the 90 talented ESF students who took part in this prestigious annual sporting event, which dates back to 1967 and is a highlight of the local youth rugby calendar. The event was held at Hong Kong Football Club and attracted hundreds of supporters from across the community, including ESF colleagues, families, and friends. Read more here: 

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