15 Feb 2019

Internet Safety Week 2019: Monday 11th February- Monday 18th February  

As part of our Digital Citizenship programme, students in all year groups have been grappling with the many thorny issues, connected to digital usage.  This has taken place during all five tutor periods this week and has provided tutors with the opportunity to tackle a range of issues using resources selected from Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Canada and the USA. The resources were also reviewed in advance by the Digital Leadership Council, which has helped provide a differentiated and relevant analysis of the key discussion areas. A summary of the topics can be seen below:

Year 7– Digital Footprints, Digital Rights, Think Before You Post, Sherry Turkle Ted Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7Xr3AsBEK4

Year 8– Dangers of Online Gaming, Logan Paul controversy, Apps for Monitoring Online Time, Image and Snapchat
Year 9– Photo Fail, Tips for Teens, Online Habits, Sexting and legality
Year 10– Social Media Dangers, Sexting, Selfies, Role of Student Led Vertical Tutoring in Digital Citizenship, Instagram Terms and Conditions (Simplified), What the Net is Doing to Our Brains
Year 11– Selfies, grooming
Year 12– Porn addiction, VR tech, Net Neutrality, The 7 (Digital) Deadly Sins
Year 13– Online Passwords, Tips for Year 7, Online Anonymity, Cybersafety threats, Digital Intelligence

The week culminates on Monday the 18th of February when guest speaker Bill Sims and Digital Leader, Samuel Bonnekamp will address the Year 10 Enrichment students to discuss cybersafety issues.
Many thanks to a colleague for sharing the following resource, which many of you may find useful food for thought:
Iain Williamson
Digital Literacy Coordinator



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