14 Dec 2018

HKAYP Gold Award Presentation Evening

On Thursday night, we had the HKAYP Gold Exploration presentation evening for our students who went to the High Mountains of the Eastern End of the Himalayas near Kangding, Sichuan, China. The students took part in a 5-day expedition, reaching an impressive altitude of 4100 meters. Last night, they shared their purposes with a small but selected audience giving interesting presentations on the following:

  • A Dummies Guide to HKAYP Gold from “Victorious Secret”;
  • A Cultural Comparison between Hong Kong and Kangding from “Ethans for Miles”;
  • All about the importance of Yaks largely through an entertaining role play from “Yaksis”.

We were also treated to a song from the team of 13 students, singing the well-known Tibetan ditty, Yeti the Red Horned Black Yak. There was also a very comprehensive photo display.

It was a very well presented and informative evening totally run by the students. In the audience, we were delighted to see many parents and teachers, our trip doctor SK and a team from the HKAYP Office, including the CEO Mrs Joyce Chan and a team from the International Award Office in London too. We also had Dr Khin-Shwe Eu who went on the trip a few years ago who hopefully will be our medic on the expedition next year.

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