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On behalf of the Senior Prefect Team and the students of South Island School, we would like to welcome and introduce you to our warm and vibrant community.

South Island School lives and breathes innovation, creativity, and originality. Our student body – filled with passionate, talented and dedicated individuals, are the pillars that support and elevate our school. Their unique and unlimited set of talents and capabilities are what really bring the school to life.

From the very start, our students are encouraged to expand their skills and explore their interests outside the classroom with over 70 different after-school activities at their fingertips.

Students with a passion and talent in the field of sports are provided with a platform on which to develop and grow as athletes and team players. From rugby to swimming to football and horse riding, we encourage all students to pursue whatever it is they are passionate about.

The birth of student-led events such as The Innovation and TEDxTSIS channel the growth of student voice and creativity in the community, whilst events such as International Evening and Diwali Night look to celebrate the social and cultural diversity embraced here at South Island. With over 38 different nationalities represented in our community, we really are a world school through and through. These events really and truly embody and encapsulate our school’s ethos and spirit: by the students, for the students and, of course, Making a Difference.

Such opportunities and events allow students to develop as leaders – independently, but with the unwavering support of teachers and peers. These events thereby promote strong and lasting relationships to form within the student community, that only grow and strengthen with time. Programmes such as Vertical Tutoring and Form Links, where older students mentor younger students from their experiences, make it such that students from all year groups are able to learn and grow together. Such bonds and friendships are what make South Island School so unique and special; it is more than a school, it is a close knit community wherein relationships that stand the test of time, bloom.

It would simply be a disservice to the people we’ve worked with, been taught by and been mentored by, to say that our experiences here at South Island can be easily conveyed in just a few paragraphs. Because above any other goal, aim or idea, South Island has been the perfect setting for our growth and personal development. Growth in our own stories, journeys and our passions. We can confidently say that over the years we’ve grown so much as individuals as well – as global citizens, conscientious individuals and as enthusiasts. We look forward to sharing our development with teams that we’ve become a part of, and most importantly, give back to the community and people that we have those long-lasting, cherishable memories with.

And so with that being said, we once again welcome you to the South Island School community, and we hope that you too can write a chapter of your own story with us. We hope you enjoy your time at South Island!

The Senior Prefect Team

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