25 Nov 2021

ESF Persuadathon

ESF Persuadathon was held on Saturday, November 20th. This was a persuasive speech competition, with 67 competitors from across ESF. 

Our SIS speakers addressed varied and topical subjects in interesting ways, and all deserve a round of applause for their effort.

In the Grand Finals of the Senior section, Lily Haylett (11B1) came 3rd and Amaanat Rekhi (10N2) came 4th. A massive congratulations to them both!

Lily’s impressive speech was on the complex topic of the lack of organ donors in Hong Kong, something the Hong Kong LegCo has been deliberating considerably. Judges commented that Lily demonstrated excellent understanding of the topic and was able to provide insightful analysis on the social impact. She connected with the audience through pathos and delivered her speech confidently.

Amaanat’s speech addressed the very timely topic of technological disruption and the education system. Judges commented that Amaanat was able to analyse the implications to other facets of society, such as the government. 

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