23 Aug 2019

Celebrating Year 12: SIS adds value!

South Island School is proud to announce another fantastic set of IGCSE results for our Summer 2019 cohort. Principal, Tom Vignoles writes:

We are extremely proud of the energy and effort that all of our students have put in to their studies, leading to another great set of outcomes. Whatever your grades, you have worked hard, and so many of you have achieved the ESF vision of ‘being the best that you can be’. You have built yourselves a very strong platform for your further studies at IBDP or IBCP, and we look forward to seeing you go on to even greater things in the next two years. Congratulations to every single student on their personal achievements.


Individual celebrations

This weekend, please individually celebrate your IGCSE results with your family. We hope you are happy with your results! But even if you are not, please celebrate them! Please congratulate yourself for what you have achieved, rather than dwelling on what you have not. 

Each person will walk a different path in life – so please celebrate your path this weekend.


School celebrations

As a school, we are also celebrating the fact that so many of our students not only achieved, but even in some cases exceeded their targets and aspirations. 

The statistics show:

  • That 94% of our students achieved 5 or more A*-C / 9-4 grades;
  • That the mean grade for subjects was A or 7;
  • That 13% of our students achieved all grades as A*/A or 9-7.

However, behind every statistic, there are approximately 200 individual success stories – and these stories are far more important than any statistic! We will be featuring many of our students’ individual success stories in a feature length article next week.


Top scores

Not everyone can get a top grade, or top grades would cease to have any meaning. Nevertheless, it is important to applaud those who have achieved the very top grades. This year, 57% of grades on the A*-G scale were A*/A, and 46% of grades on the 9-1 scale were 9 or 8, with so many of our students achieving one or more of these. 

Amongst these successes, 2 students – Ranen PANG and Adele LO – scored top grades in every subject they sat. A further 7 students scored a top grade in all except one of their subjects – Bethia KWOK, Olivia WONG, Sandrine MA, Jessica LOK, Tiya SHAH, Samara CHAPLAIN and Justin WONG. 

We applaud your exceptional achievements, alongside our applause for the achievements of all of our students.

Watch out for our feature length article next week, showcasing individual students’ success stories!


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