10 Jul 2018


Once again, South Island School students celebrated excellent achievement as the May 2018 results were published. 149 students were entered for the full Diploma and of these 15% were awarded the Bilingual Diploma. 22% of the cohort scored more than 40 points which is again an impressive achievement, with two students scoring the maximum 45, three achieving 44 and a further six scoring 43. Just over 50% of the cohort gained more than 35 points. Of particular note is that one of our students achieved a level 7 at Further Maths which technically meant he could have been awarded 49 points. This is an incredible achievement. We are also very proud of those students who achieved their Bilingual Diploma, which remains at 15% of our cohort. South Island continues to exceed Asian and international average scores in all areas by significant margins.

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