4 Apr 2019

Our MaD Trip got featured on a TV documentary!

One of our MaD Week trips from October 2018 included an additional twist, as a television camera crew documented the trip. Cantonese channel Dim Sum TV featured and interviewed South Island School students and Mrs Chapman during their week in China.

The episode was aired on 17 March 2019 with an in-depth look into our annual Making a Difference Trip to Xiamen, Fujian, China. This programme truly highlights the making a difference values at South Island and we can see them in action.

You can watch episode 4 in the link below (第四集 – 遊學 “讀萬卷書”也要“行萬里路”):

Screenshot from Dim Sum TV’s website.

Congratulations to our IB Graduates! South Island School 2024 IB Results are now available! Please find themHERE
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